GUDAGUDA Yamataikoku - Main Quests

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  • Main Quests will unlock as Masters complete various Restoration Quests.
  • Certain Main Quests are also time-locked.
  • Upon completing Section 7, limited-time Raids will be available; completing all Raids is necessary to unlock the next Section(s).
  • A full list of unlock conditions are listed in the below table.
Main Quest Unlock Conditions
Quest Unlock Requirements
Prologue -
Act 1 -
Act 2 Complete Restoration - 100QP
Act 3 Complete Restoration - 400FP
Unlocks 9/14/2022 21:00 PDT
Act 4 Complete Restoration - Blaze of Wisdom x2
Act 5 Complete Restoration - Void's Dust x1
Unlocks 9/15/2022 21:00 PDT
Act 6 Complete Restoration - Octuplet Crystal x1
Act 7 Unlocks 9/17/2022 21:00 PDT
Act 8 Complete 4 Raid Final Battles
Act 9 Complete All Raid Final Battles
Final -
Epilogue -
Post-Epilogue Unlocks Day 8
Onigiri Complete Restoration - 2F
Peerless History Complete Restoration - 3F
Sold Out Complete Restoration - 4F
KAGETORAN ZERO Complete Restoration - 5F
Tales of Yamataikoku Complete Restoration - 6F
Cha Yamato Uruk King Complete Restoration - 7F
Rice Golem Complete Restoration - 8F
Third Yamataikoku Tourney Complete Restoration - 9F
Farewell Yamataikoku Complete Restoration - 10F

Main Quests - Section 1 - Epilogue

Act 2
Act 3
Act 5
Act 6
Act 7
Act 8
Final Act

Main Quests - Post-Epilogue

Post-Epilogue Quests
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