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Article by Ferrene

Welcome back to my shop! It’s been a short while, hasn’t it?

Oh, this time you’re looking for information on a specific event type that occurs in Kamihama fairly often? Branch events, was it?

I see. Then, let your friendly neighborhood Coordinator guide you through how these events most often work!

To start off with, Branch events are heavily story-focused events.

Almost all the quests, barring a few exceptions, are story quests, and most farming is done through said story quests (which I shall explain in slightly more detail later).

These quests are generally unlocked from left to right, across the event screen, and usually follow a chronological order to events.

Branch events also very often show different viewpoints to said events, through showcasing the events through the experiences of a certain member of the main cast of the event.

These quests will be marked by an icon showing the girl whose viewpoint the quest is told from, and will, in addition to event currency, always drop character fragments matching the character on the icon.

Most quests in the event are hidden from view at the start, and only appear on the event screen once you complete the quest that leads to said quest, or reach a certain point in the story of the event.

Sometimes, when you find these quests, they will be locked, and display ??? as a title. This means there are requirements you must fulfill to unlock them.

Tapping on the locked quest will show you what it needs to unlock. These usually include either completing a specific quest, gathering a certain amount of a specific character’s fragments, or a certain total amount of fragments.

Sometimes, they will also require making a certain choice in the quest preceding them.

These choices are what form a large core of branch events, namely that you can choose the actions the characters take, which will result in different quests unlocking.

Not all these branches of quests lead to the so called True Ending, however! Many of them will result in what is called a Dead End, which means that that branch of story ends there, and can no longer reach the True End.

These can be caused by many kinds of actions, and there is no way of knowing beforehand which choice will lead to which ending!

...Unless of course you cheat by looking it up beforehand!

Not all of these branches will be obvious immediately as to which quest you would need to go to change the branch and find the true end, so be sure to go back to any quests that include one of these choices, where you did not yet choose all the options!

Generally only one path leads to the true ending, but there are also rare momentary exceptions!

Completing all the quests by choosing all the different options is also important for fully completing the event, as some of the final quests may require that you complete all other quests first, including all Dead Ends and Free Quests!

Often, Branch Events will include two separate parts, which will usually have different event currency. You must clear the story of part 1, in other words reach the true ending of it, to start the second part.

These Free Quests I just spoke of are special, slightly higher AP cost quests that do not contain any story, and unlock on the event screen after reaching certain points of the story.

There are three types of Free Quest each time, and they drop character fragments for each of the usually three girls whose fragments you collect, each type of Quest dropping one type of fragment.

These Free Quests are also generally somewhat harder than the relatively easy story quests.

Some much later Branch Events may also include Challenge Quests, which unlock later into the event, and may require thought and strategy to successfully clear!

These Challenge Quests are also completely separate from the story, and may not always be required to be fully cleared to clear all of the rest of the event.

Now, as for farming the event currency in order to bring it to my shop for exchange, and why farming the Free Quests is generally not the best idea…

Such is because of the Event bonus memoria that every Branch event will give.

Equipping these Memoria means that it is more efficient to farm the lower AP cost, easy story quests compared to the higher AP cost and longer Free Quests.

This is true even in cases where the lowest AP cost story quests in the event do not have guaranteed event currency drops, as due to their low AP cost, they are still one of the best places to farm.

So there you have it. With these pointers, you should be able to handle any and all Branch Events that appear in Kamihama with style and grace!

Please come by again whenever you need some help like this, or to buy something!

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