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Area Events

Hi again! It’s good to see you still in one piece after all these crazy events happening one after the other!
Oh? You’ve noticed some of these events seem to have a lot in common with each other, and want a guide on how to deal with these kinds of events in general?
Well, these events are fairly simple, and sharing information is for everyone’s benefit, so I don’t see a problem with guiding you through the way they work!
First off, while these events, perhaps best called Area Events, also contain a story as usual, they are more mission-focused events than other events.
These missions mostly appear in the form of Area Missions, as well as unlockable boss fights. Unlocking boss fights is done through completing each Area Missions starting with the same number, for example 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, and 1-4.
Most often, there are 4 of these, but it can be as low as 3, or as high as 5 occasionally.
Completing these Area Missions is done through the quests under each Area mission, which are the main source of event currency, as well as what one spends the most time on in these events.

How to Progress

Usually, there will be three difficulties available: Easy, Normal, and Hard.
These not only tell you the difficulty of the enemies therein, but also how hard it is to complete the bonus objectives in a given quest. Harder difficulty quests will also give more progress to the Area Mission, on average.
Sometimes, there will only be a single difficulty, which will always be either Easy or Normal difficulty.
All of these quests each have bonus objectives that reward Magia Stones when all objectives are completed in a given quest, and which are separate for each difficulty of the quest.
They do not vary between the difficulties, only between quests, which means that Hard difficulty becomes much harder to complete these objectives in.
These can range from being easy survival goals, such as using no continues, to ones that require you to clear the quest in a set number of turns.
Occasionally this set number of turns can be set quite low for a quest with multiple waves of enemies, so it is recommended to bring a small team, often just two girls with plenty of Blast Discs, to clear these in time.
It is my recommendation to always start with the Easy or Normal difficulty quest upon finding an Area with all three, to see what kind of enemies you might face in the Hard difficulty fight, and if a Blast team might be needed, even if you intend to clear all three of them!
You only need to clear one of these difficulties to move onto the next quest, but many Area Missions are designed to be completed, or get fairly close to completion, upon all three quests being cleared at least once.
These Area Missions can range from defeating a number of enemies, dealing up to a certain amount of damage overall, or more rarely other objectives.
Once you complete an Area Mission, it will give you a reward, often giving special currency to buy the awakening materials of the welfare girl of the event.

Boss Stages

Once you complete the final Area Mission of a given set, you will unlock the boss fight, and you will be directed to it immediately.
These bosses are tough and have a large amount of health, and a set number of turns you can fight them in any given attempt.
But don’t worry! For any damage you do in a single fight will carry over to the next one, allowing anyone to take down these bosses with a bit of time and effort!
Upon defeat, these bosses will drop a special currency that you can only get from them. This currency is for a special event Memoria, which will vastly increase damage dealt to the final boss of the event by whoever wields it.
Without this Memoria, the final boss will require many, many tries to defeat and slowly whittle down, but using the Memoria, it can be over in a few turns!
Thus, it is highly recommended to defeat the bosses and get this Memoria before fighting the final boss.

Once you have defeated the final boss, you might also unlock additional Challenge Quests, which are often situated outside the map area, as if outside the event.

They contain no story, and often contain exceptionally difficult fights in the Hard difficulty versions, but completing them will give you additional rewards, such as Magia Stones or additional Event currency!

Currency and Event Shop

As for farming event currency from these events after clearing out some of it, the most efficient way is to first get the event bonus Memoria from the event shop, and then move to one of the lowest AP quests to farm.

Wrap up

So there you have it! This should be all the information one needs to clear these events with as little trouble as possible!
Speaking of trouble, it does seem like these events often involve outsiders to Kamihama appearing here and bringing their own troubles with them, does it not?
Other than that one time with the candles. Which was most certainly not due to any fault of mine!

Perhaps it'll be smartphones next time?

🎵 Just kidding! 🎵

Excuse my rambling. I hope this guide helps you find your way, and come back with lots of currency for the shop, okay?
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