Mitama's Special Training Event Guide

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Learning with Mitama

Train the featured magical girl and a magical girl of your choice with the help of Mitama Yakumo! Introducing…..

Mitama’s Special Training!

This event has two parts: Enhancement and Episode. Bring the Featured Magical Girl along, and she’ll wipe the battlefield of enemies while she trains!

Just make sure you're sure about the friend you bring along - once you start a battle, you can't choose another one! And don’t forget to bring me back some potions - I have some special rewards for you in my shop!

Enhancement Quests will help Madoka and the girl you chose grow stronger as they fight their way through - if used on a team, they will gain 10x the amount of XP! Make sure you grab the materials needed to Awaken them along the way, since the two of them will be leveling up quickly.

If you give me the potions you earn, I’ll even sell them to you! And if you run out of potions to sell me...Well, you still have mirror coins, right? Ehehe~!

Episode Quest will deepen your bond with Madoka and the girl you chose faster - they’ll gain 3x the bond XP, so you can unlock their Magia levels at your leisure.

These quests are super useful, since grinding episode level is really quite tedious. Ehehe~ I want to become closer to the magical girls of Kamihama too!

By the way, I’ve got some rewards for you too. The first time you finish each quest, you’ll get 5 Magia Stones! If you’re strong enough to beat the Advanced quests, I’ll give you 5 Magia Chips at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 wins!

You know, since I've been training quite a few magical girls lately. I think all these regular quests might be a bit too easy so how about a challenge!

I'm going to add Extra Quests from now on! These battles will be harder than the other quests in my training, but they're chock-full of item drops to help strengthen your magical girl. 

Since these battles are so much harder, I'll throw in 5, maybe even 10 magia stones for every battle you complete.

But just the first time you beat the battle, I'm not that rich. 

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