"My Diary With You" Ren Event Guide

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Duration: 7/9 5:00 AM to 7/18 2:59 AM PDT

My Diary With You

Heeeeeeeey! I'd like to introduce you to my special friend, Ren Izusu!

We'd like to share our story with please work hard to bring us what we need.

Event Quick Look

Play through normal quests to obtain Coloured Pencils, and use them in place of AP for event quests!

Coloured Pencil


Event quests will drop Notebooks...and through them we will tell you our past. While only story quests will show you our tale, challenge quests will reward you with more Notebooks...of course, the battles are more difficult as well.



By using certain Memoriae, more Coloured Pencils will drop! Make sure you equip your team with them and pick a support with a high bonus to maximize your gathering!

Here With You: 3 / 7 MLB
My Dreams Continue After I Wake Up: 2 / 5 MLB
There is No Such Thing as Beauty: 1 / 2 MLB


Eheheheh...I'd like to hear this story too! If you bring me the Notebooks you win, I might just have a little something for you~!

Event Tips & Purchase Recommendations

It's better to equip event Memoria on four different magical girls rather than limit break it right away. 

"There's no such thing as beauty" drops one pencil for each regular copy equipped and drops two pencils when it's limit broken.

But if you equip four regular copies instead of limit breaking one, you'll gain four pencils overall instead of just two! 

With so many pencils, you'll be sure to get plenty of notebooks. I wish I knew what to buy with all of mine....

Might I make a few suggestions?

Purchase event Memoria first so you can maximize the amount of drops you get. Then look into buying limited event items if that's your thing, like costumes or backgrounds since you won't be able to get these once the event ends and I close that part of the shop. 

Don't forget those incredibly valuable Fate Weave tickets!

Next, think of buying Rainbow Orbs, since these are so tricky to find! And you can never have enough CC and Magia chips. 

Lastly, buy up all the materials you can. That way you have enough to Awaken your team of magical girls without all that time-consuming grinding. 

And don't forget to equip event Memoria on your support so you can help out your friends and gain more support points! Girls with more than one memoria slot are perfect for this, especially lower rarity girls since it's easier to get more memoria slots for them. 

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