Felicia Mitsuki's Story: Episode 3

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Part 1

Stupid, stupid, stupid!
You seem quite upset.
Of course I'm upset! Who wouldn't be?!
Those two set me up! They tricked me!
From where I stand, it doesn't look like that at all…
Well, you're wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong!
Um, hi...
Oh? You...
Nice to meet you...
Ah, it's you! You were with !
Yes. My name is Kako Natsume... Listen, about the other day...
What do you want?!
I just happened to hear a familiar voice as I passed by...
Why'd you bother rememberin' my voice?  
I'm worried about you, Felicia…
You're worried…?
Well, you see Felicia, I...
I just want us all to get along!
...And I think if we all spent more time together we could come to an understanding.
So I want you to come back and talk with the rest of the girls without fighting...
Whaddaya mean you're worried?
I don't need a weaklin' like you worryin' about me.
Nanaka Tokiwa put you up to this, didn't she?
N-no, she didn't! I just wanted to—
Oh, shut up! Get outta my sight!
How could you...
Uggh! If you're not gonna go, then I will!

Part 2

I just want us all to get along!

(...She's not a bad person...)
(...Maybe I went too far.)

Several Days Later...
What do you think you're doing, showing up out of the blue like this?!
Wait, it's not what you think!
Are you here to fight us?
We had nothing to do with what happened the other day. That was all you.
All that's in the past! I don't care anymore!
...Then what do you want?
I want you to hire me. So I tracked you down.
Are you kidding?! ...No way. We're not gonna hire you...
I won't cause you any trouble!
What has gotten into you?
...Look, a lot has happened...
Besides, if I don't keep up my mercenary work, I won't be able to eat!
Very well. We'll hire you.
You will?!
Asuka! Are you serious?
I can tell you're sincere.
So we should be fair and give you a chance.
When Asuka makes up her mind, there's no hope changing it.
...Fine. I agree.
Yesss! ...Er, um, I mean...
...Thank you...

Part 3

...This is the spot.
So it would seem.
Okay, I'll do a sweep of the area...
We should stick together until we know where the enemies are.
But! Er, I mean...!
...All right...
...I'm with you. I'll fight off any enemies that appear.
That's when you'll attack. Do I make myself clear?
Are you looking for me, Kako Natsume?
I, um... I have a question...
About Felicia Mitsuki?
...You can see right through me.
Well, considering what happened earlier...
Yeah... I just...want to know more about her.
Do you really need to know more about her? If so, why?
I can sense something inside her. Something dark...and dangerous.
Her problems feel a lot like my own... I just can't stop thinking about it.
I'm really worried about her! So worried!
Your personalities echo each other. ...Or at least, they might.
What does that mean?
Think of your personalities as two sides of the same coin.
But now your emotions are butting heads with each other...
That might explain why Felicia reacted to you the way she did.
Your feelings are influencing each other.
...Or at least it seems that way. It's just a possibility.
But the mere possibility of that might open some new doors...
I...don't understand any of what you're saying, but...
...Perhaps it will make more sense if I fill you in about Felicia's past.
Are…are you sure?!
Yes, I can tell you where her combative spirit and emotional intensity comes from...
Her wish is at the root of everything.
Her wish?
A Familiar! Here it comes!
So it would seem... Let's go, Felicia!
Yeah, let's do it!
Bring it on!

Part 4

I think that was the last of the Familiars.
Looks like it. That leaves…
Next up...
The Witch!
Here it comes!
Felicia Mitsuki's parents are dead.
As a result of her own actions.
A fire broke out while her mother was cooking.
Because of a little prank that Felicia pulled.
...Wh-what happened...?
The fire spread to other apartments in her building.
And that's when you came to her, isn't it?
And then she made her wish.
She wished for the fire to have never happened at all.
So her wish returned everything back to normal!
Not exactly. Her wish was interpreted another way.
In short, was altered.
Altered how?
Oh no! You okay?!
Y-yeah, I'll manage...
Me too...
But we might be in trouble... This is powerful magic...
...This Witch is powerful, period!
Oh no!
Felicia, no!
...Keep your filthy hands off... ...Stupid Witch!
So much power... Incredible... How can this be?!
In the chaos of that fire, she made her wish.
And in her haste to do so, the substance of her wish changed.
As far as Felicia can recall, .
That's terrible!
Her parents' apartment was repaired as if nothing had ever happened.
As far as the neighbors are concerned, Felicia's parents simply disappeared.
But as far as Felicia is concerned, the truth is that a Witch killed them.
She does not know that she was the one responsible for their deaths...
That's just… How awful! That's unimaginable!
It's all in the past now. Her wish was what it was.
And a hatred of Witches…
Grew deep in her heart.
I'll kill, kill! KILL THEM ALL! I'll kill every last Witch!
Get down, Asuka!
Have you heard enough about Felicia?
...More than enough.
What will you do now that you know the truth?
Nothing, for now... I'll just...
Keep it inside.
Good idea.
Telling an amnesiac the truth would only cause them more pain, after all.
That, and...
Phew... You saved me...
...Protecting you is my job...
Where's Felicia?
...Over there!
Hey, are you okay?!
...No way!
What's wrong? Is she?!
She's asleep...
You're joking right?
...Hah! Wow... What to make of this…
Wow is right... This is… A little inconvenient, isn't it?
...Next time I see her I'll ask her what I didn't get around to asking last time...
I'll ask her to be my friend...
I'll wipe every last Witch off the face of the Earth...
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