Should You Summon: Light No Edition

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Should you Summon?

Light is bad

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Haha, no.

Gala Lame

Seriously, no.

Look, this is the worst banner we've seen in ages. Maybe the worst banner ever. Light is an element dominated by Limited Adventurers, and none of them are here. Maybe if they'd put Peony, Hunter Vanessa, Mitsuhide, Gala Luca, and Gala Prince on here. But they didn't. So don't pull. It's a waste of time. The only concieable way this is worth it is if you are so new you literally have no Light Adventurers. Oh, wait, you get a free one during this event, and he's better than a lot what you can get on this banner. 

Don't pull.

The Plantium banner is little better. Sure, you're guaranteed a 5★, but so many of them are so utterly terrible I don't think it's worth it. Save your diamantium.  


It's still no.

I'm not changing my answer. Maybe if they'd put Daikokuten on this banner. But they didn't. So no. 

Final Verdict

About the Rates: 

It doesn't matter. Don't pull.

Sigh. Fine. Here they are.

Only Light units in the pool.

  • 5★ Adventurers are at the normal, unboosted rate of 2%. You have a .22% chance to get any Light Adventurer 5★. So not worth it. 
  • 5★ Dragons are at the normal, unboosted rate of 2%. You have a .25% chance to get any of them. So don't bother. 
  • The rest of it doesn't matter. DO NOT PULL. Seriously. 

I'm not doing a final verdict. Go do something productive. Read a book or something. I don't care. Just don't pull on this banner. 

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