Converts penalties on target into bonuses. Restores target's HP = unit's current HP -1. Unit's HP reduced by amount restored.

Inheritable Restrictions?


  • Non-Inheritable skill.

Skillsets that use skill

Echoes of Daybreak (Full Support)

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (Vantage)



Sacrifice is a skill exclusive to Micaiah, and it combines the effects of Harsh Command an an improved Ardent Sacrifice. Sacrifice heals the target for an amount equal to Micaiah's HP -1, and reduces Micaiah's HP by the same amount. In practice, this reduces her HP to one and heals an ally for the amount lost by Micaiah. This ability lets her provide a fairly solid heal to one ally, and also protect against annoying debuffs.


Sacrifice is a great skill for Micaiah as it allows her to provide a great deal of frontline support to her allies. Although her HP is relatively low, the heal is great for supporting allies using high-HP skills such as Guard, Quick Riposte and Vengeful Fighter. The anti-debuff portion makes Micaiah great at supporting units who are fighting enemies with daggers, Threaten skills, Ploy skills or Smoke skills. She can also be used alongside Blade tome users, potentially turning debuffs on them into extremely powerful buffs. With an ally capable of healing Micaiah, she can potentially use the skill many times over in one round.


Sacrifice has two drawbacks. Firstly It reduces Micaiah's HP to one, making her very easy to KO. However, this can be to her advantage if she is running Brazen skills or a Brash Assault/Desperation set. The second is that it can only affect one target at a time. Ploy, Smoke and Threaten skills all debuff multiple targets, and Micaiah may not be able to reverse them on all of her allies.