Close Foil

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If sword,lance, axe, bow, dagger, or beast foe initiates combat, grants Atk/Def +5 to unit and unit can counterattack regardless of foe's range.

Inheritable Restrictions?


  • Ranged Weapon Users Only

Units with Skill

Unlocks at 5 ★

Skillsets that use skill

Bloom of the Silent Princess (Vantage Sweeper)

Not-so-Courtly Fan (Vantage Sweeper)

I_Am_Not_A_Robot. I_Love_Breathing_Oxygen. (Enemy Phase Build)

Golden Wind (Enemy Phase)

Beat Until Tender (Close Foil + Lull Tank)

MY CHICKEN TENDIES!! (Vantage Sweeper)

Grace of the Radiant (Defensive Tank)

No Ragrets (Vantage Nuke)

Like Bees to a Flower in Full Bloom (Vantage Sweeper)

Broadleaf Fan+ (+Atk) A Close Foil
Alternate: Close Counter
Dance B Vantage 3
Alternate: Miracle
C Atk Smoke 3
Alternate: Pulse Smoke 3
SP1410SSpd Smoke 3
Alternate: Heavy Blade 3

Miloah’s Blessing (Vantage Nuke)

Blooming Beach Flower (Defensive Nuke)

The Hat Gives Him Strength (Spendthrift Tank)

Assassin's Expertise (Enemy Phase Sweeper)

This is Totally A Levin Sword™ (Vantage)

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (Vantage)

Resire (Enemy Phase)

I bleed, sir; but not kill'd. (Vantage Sweeper)

Dealing around the neighborhood (Enemy Phase)

Turning Weakness into Strength (Vantage Sweeper)

Empress-ive Adaptability (Enemy Phase Sweeper)

Varied Tactics(General Defensive)

Scales Tipper (Tactical Bolt Defensive)

The Armor’s All In The Backpack! (Defensive)

No Different From the Sword (Aether Raids Offensive)

Gleipnir (+Eff) A Close Foil
Alternate: Close Counter
Alternate: Rally Atk/Spd
B Mystic Boost 3
Alternate: Vantage 3
Alternate: Noontime
C Pulse Smoke 3
Alternate: Atk Smoke 3
SP1695SSteady Posture 2
Alternate: Steady Stance 3