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If sword,lance, axe, bow, dagger, or beast foe initiates combat, grants Atk/Def +5 to unit and unit can counterattack regardless of foe's range.

Inheritable Restrictions?


  • Ranged Weapon Users Only

Units with Skill

Unlocks at 5 ★

Skillsets that use skill

a small loan of a million gold (Vantage Nuke)

based? based on what? (Damage Focus / Support Hybrid)

Steadfast Starlight (Vantage Sweeper)

Multiple Star Ring (Vantage Nuke)

Finally, Some Good [Purple] Food (Vantage Nuke)

What happy ending? (Superunit)

The Corpse Bride… and Groom? Kinda? (Enemy Phase Focus)

The power of friendship! (Superunit)

Or My Husband. (All-Purpose Tank)

If she wasn’t invited she isn’t important. (Vantage)

A Mission for Redemption (Superunit)

Assassin’s Intuition (Enemy Phase Sweeper)

When Cultural Appropriation Gets Too Chesty… (Aether Raids Offense / Superunit Tank)

I’d use a curse word in place of a hex pun but this is family friendly content. (Vantage)

Thracia’s Best Archer (Enemy Phase)

What A Total Jerk. (Enemy Phase)

Pony Show-and-Tell (Vantage Sweeper)

Actually 1000 Years Old(Defensive)

У нас высокая статистика (Arena)

Я хамелеон (Aether Raids Offense)