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  • Free Quests in this event have a special Enemy Spawn mechanic, which can be affected by equipping the Event Shop CE, which boosts the spawn rate of specific enemies.
    • Enemies that can be "cloned" by equipping the CE are noted in the quest details, accessible by clicking on the quest name in the below list.
  • Free Quests unlock based on Main Quest and Mission completion, with a full list of unlock conditions below. Note that quests are also time-gated.
Free Quest Unlock Conditions
Quest Unlock Requirements

Free - France: Beginning
Clear Act 2-1

Free - France: Middle
Mission 9: Defeat 10 [Werewolf] type enemies

Free - France: End
Clear Act 2-2.2

Free - Halloween: Beginning
Clear Act 3-1
Unlocks 1/20/2023 20:00 PST

Free - Halloween: Middle
Mission 32: Defeat 30 [Heaven] attribute enemies

Free - Halloween: End
Clear Act 3-2

Free - Australia: Beginning
Clear Act 4-1
Unlocks 1/21/2023 20:00 PST

Free - Australia: Middle
Mission 15: Defeat 20 [Centaur] type enemies

Free - Australia: End
Clear Act 4-2.3

Free - Mediterranean: Beginning
Clear Act 5-1
Unlocks 1/22/2023 20:00 PST

Free - Mediterranean: Middle
Mission 21: Defeat 20 [Blade Wing Insect] type enemies

Free - Mediterranean: End
Clear Act 5-2.2

Free - New York: Beginning
Clear Act 6-1
Unlocks 1/23/2023 20:00 PST

Free - New York: Middle
Mission 43: Defeat 20 [Human] trait (not attribute) enemies

Free - New York: End
Clear Act 6-2.3

Free - Kamakura: Beginning
Clear Act 8-1
Unlocks 1/24/2023 20:00 PST

Free - Kamakura: Middle
Mission 40: Defeat 100 [Demonic] trait enemies

Free - Kamakura: End
Mission 27: Defeat 80 [Aquatic] enemies

Drop Rate Notes

  • Drop rates are sourced from the below:
  • Drop rates assume +100% Spawn Rate! Rates for nearly all drops are affected by whether enemy spawns are increased, so drop rates can be lower if less than 100% spawn rate is taken. Drop rates are pooled across the above sources; note that items with insufficient data have their rates left blank.
  • For drop rates at +0% Spawn Rate, click on the quest for details to see the +0% drop rates, which are listed where available. Note that sample sizes for +0% Spawn Rate tend to be lower.

The English FGO community also maintains a community drop rate sheet to crowdsource drop rate data as events progresses (maintained by the Atlas Academy)! More data is always appreciated; you can contribute [Here] (Link Pending) ! The NA drop rate sheet is your best source for up to date Drop Rate information.

Free Quests - France

Southern Hill

Northern Hill

Riverside Fort
Free Quests - Halloween

Csejte Village

Village's Cemetery

Csejte Castle
Free Quests - Australia

Daybreak Beach

Sunset Beach

Twilight Beach
Free Quests - Mediterranean Sea

Fleecy Clouds

Atop the Cumulonimbus

End of the Sea of Clouds
Free Quests - New York

Main Street

Harbor's Street

Free Quests - Kamakura

Yoritomo's Grave


Kamakura Mountain Trail
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