Iroha Tamaki's Story: Episode 3

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Part 1

We're back...AGAIN!
Yeah we are!
Oh! Welcome back!
Welcome back.
Excellent timing. You arrived just in time for dinner.
Woohoo! That IS excellent timing!
*Giggle*...Yes. It's almost like you planned it.
Time for some food!

Yes, let's eat!

Mmm... That's GOOD!
Hey, Felicia. You need to eat the fish as well.
Ngh...! on my plate!
I'm glad the boiled potatoes didn't crumble into mush...
Yeah... Everything came out just right.
Oh! Hey... HEY! Anyone going to Enhancement Camp?
We heard it from Asuka today.
She's havin' it at her dojo this weekend.
An 'Enhancement Camp' for Magical Girls!
Wow... Young girls sure have some wild ideas.
Yachiyo, you should come too! So should everyone else!
Really? I'd rather not go.
Go ahead on your own. Don’t worry about me.
Huh?! Sana, how about you?
When you say Asuka... You mean Asuka Tatsuki, right...?
That's the one!
(A-Asuka is a little...overbearing...)
(She's not...mean or anything, but...I get nervous around her...)
You know, I... I think I'll sit this one out...!
What about you, Iroha? Me AND Tsuruno are goin'!
C'mon, let's go... Let's go!
Mm...I... Don't think it sounds like my kind of thing?
Nghagh! I can't believe you shot me down too!
Aren't you happy that Felicia is going with you?
It seems fitting that the hunters go to camp, and the gatherers stay home.
Oh ah ah! Hoo HA ha! (Time to catch a BIG one!)
Hoo hah! Hoo hoo ha! (Got it! Lemme at it!)
Oh HA! (Get IT!)
Hee hee... Hee hee hee hee!
Hey! She's shaking, laughing over there!
Are you making fun of us?
N-no...! Never...hahaha...! I wouldn't... Pfft...haha!
...? (I wonder what made her laugh that much...)

Part 2

Well...! We better get going!

Yeah, see ya guys later!
Mmhm. Stay safe out there.
See you when you get back!
Take care!
...What a relief.
Now we can have two rare days of complete peace and quiet…
Oh no...!
What's wrong?
I just ended up doing what I always...
Aah, I see. You cut up two onions?
Right... I was even telling myself, 'three servings, three servings,' over and over...
...You opened two packets of chicken, didn't you.
I-I'm sorry...!
Relax, both of you.
... The broccoli too...
A whole extra head of it...
I knew how many people would be eating...
It's as if I couldn't help it... I'm just so used to making—
So that means five servings.
The bath is free.
Oh, that's right, everyone's all done.
I already bathed, so...
True... That means I was the last one...
I should have savored all that extra time in there.
I rushed for no reason, expecting someone would need it after me.
I did that too...
I thought to myself... I could have relaxed longer!
Oh...! It's 10 o'clock already! That TV show's gonna start any second...!
Oh, but... Tsuruno isn'
Well, we may as well watch it. There isn't anything else I want to watch...
And besides, every Saturday at 10 o'clock we watch this show anyway.
I don't even know what else there is to do other than watch it.
It's over...
It was kind of...
...boring, this time.
I feel like it was way more fun when we watched it with everyone together...
I think so too...
I didn't realize it would be this quiet with both of them gone...

Part 3

All right, everybody!
Let's call it a day! We'll pick it up from here tomorrow!
Our schedule from here on out is as follows... Dinner, bath, then bed!
We're all gonna cook dinner together.
Allow me to guide you to the kitchen area. Follow me, everyone!
Phew... FINALLY it's time to eat!
I haven't been this hungry in ages. Must be all that trainin'!
Asuka always trains this hard?
What a masochist!
Ahem! Please stop chatting in private!
...And I am not a masochist, thank you.
Okay! Leave the carrot peelin' to me!
Momoko, this one looks kind of...
Ohhh, the potato sprouted? Pass it over here a sec?
Here, use the back edge of the knife... Like this!
I-I'll try it...!
Okay... Guess I'll cut the green onions then.
Got to peel them...then... AH!
Hey, Yachiyo... Where does the trash—
What? I'm Rena not Yachiyo, y'know.
Oh! Sorry... I mixed you up!
Pfft! Hahahaha! How? Tsuruno, you're so precious!
You're like that kid in class who calls the teacher 'Mom'!
Exactly, exactly! That's just what I was thinkin' too!
Hey...! Felicia, you're supposed to be on MY side!
Ugh.. I'm stuffed...
No need to have our post-dinner Rock-Paper-Scissors…
Right, to decide who makes the tea!
...I guess we don't need to do it today...
Woo! I haven't slept with everyone all lumped together since my school field trip!
Yeah! It's kinda...exciting!
All right, everybody! All settled? Lights are going off, now.
All right then. Good night, everyone!
(Ugh... Can't sleep...)
(...Oh well...)
(I should just give up on sleeping and take a little walk outside...)
...Wait, Felicia?!
Shut up! Loudmouth!
Oh...! Sorry, sorry...! ...So, what are you doing out here?
I'm playin' a game, duh. I can't sleep at all.
...Yeah? I can't either.
You wanna play me?
Yeah, OKAY!
Ugh, I lost AGAIN!
Haha♪ No sweat.
... Playin' video games this late...
If we were back home... Yachiyo would be sooo mad.
Yeah... If she were here... She'd definitely be angry at us...
No one gets mad at us here. ...It rules.
… Do you...really think that?

Part 4

Hey, does that Enhancement Camp go on until tomorrow evening...?
Yes... I believe they said they'd be back by dinner time.
Yeah... So that means they'll eat dinner at home...
...Well then, seeing how we haven't had one in a while, how about we do a hot pot?
I'm all for a hot pot!
Yes, yes, me too! I'm onboard with that!
*Giggle* Then we should go shopping.
Oh, is ice cream on sale today?
Yeah, but Felicia's favorite brand isn't...
Ah, you're right.
Felicia only eats this one company's vanilla ice cream...
Tsuruno's favorite candy is on sale!
We should buy a lot of it while it's cheap.
But keep it a secret from Tsuruno, okay? If she knows we have it she'll eat it all.
*Giggle* Okay. My lips are sealed.
Oh, if you buy two you get a discount...
Should we buy one more?
Well, if we're buying another one, it should be a red bean pancake!
*Giggle* Are you reading my mind?
Our likes...Our dislikes... Our current obsessions...
What happens when we're in bad moods... What kind of kids we were.
Even the scars in our pasts that won't heal.
Somehow, we all ended up knowing everything there is to know about each other.
It's kind of embarrassing.
Because there's nothing we don't know about each other.
Before we knew it, we almost never had anything new to tell each other…
We kept learning more and more about each other...
And now everything I know about them... It's all become so dear to me.
So precious... Each and every detail is like a precious jewel.
I almost want to brag about them, saying...
'Did you know this about Tsuruno...?' 'Felicia is like this, you know...'
You don't like tomatoes, do you Sana?
Not really…
We want everyone to enjoy the hot pot...
Then, let's see...
...! I know! We could make sukiyaki!

How well you know someone...
I wonder if that's what people mean when they use the word...bonds?

Ah! That's Iroha, isn't it?
Oh, you're right!
Heeeeeey! Did you just get done shopping?
Tsuruno! Felicia!
Yeah, we did! Already done with Enhancement Camp?
We left early. Figured you all probably missed us!
*Giggle* You two must be mind readers.
That's for sure...
I believe you are the ones that missed us!
We're making sukiyaki for dinner tonight!
Whooo! Sukiyaki rocks!
Welcome home, you two... We missed you.
No question... This house just doesn't feel whole without you two. Welcome back.
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