Arknights Guide: The Reception Room - Mysterious Secrets Revealed!

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The Reception Room - Mysterious Secrets Revealed!

Latest update: 08/24/2021 - Added Mountain, jackie, and Franka!

Of all the facilities in the RIIC (Rhodes Island Infrastructure Complex), better known as The Base, the Reception Room is the facility most steeped in mystery and superstition.  Rumors abound on how best to find Clues and which Operators increase the rates of finding which Clues.  However, it turns out that most players.... haven’t got a clue how it really works.  In this guide we’ll pull back the veil of Clue finding and reveal its secret hidden mysteries.

Clue Search Speed

There are 2 major factors that increase Clue Search Speed: Operators and Reception Room Level.

Reception Room Level

The level of the Reception Room itself will add a bonus that increases the Clue Search Speed by:

  • 7% at Level 1
  • 14% at Level 2
  • 25% at Level 3



There are several factors that determine the overall Clue Search Speed increase that an Operator provides to the Reception Room.

The Obvious

  • RIIC Base Skill - Some Operators have RIIC Skills that increase the Clue Search Speed.  These Operators will show up as a priority when assigning an Operator to the Reception Room.  Here is an example:
Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 1.30.16 PM

For a full list of these Skills, see our RIIC Skill List:  

The Hidden

  • Operator Rarity - The rarity of an Operator increases the Clue Search Speed as follows:
    • 6★ - 10%
    • 5★ - 9%
    • 4★ - 7%
    • 3★ - 5%
    • 2★ - 5%
    • 1★ - 5%
  • Operator Promotion Level - The Promotion level of an Operator increases the Clue Search Speed as follows:
    • E2 - 16%
    • E1 - 8%
    • E0 - 0%

The Take-aways:

  • Some Operators are not as good in the Reception Room as they may seem.  Are you using 12F in the Reception Room?  If you have any 6 E2, you shouldn’t be (unless they are better used somewhere else).  An E2 6★ with NO RIIC SKILL related to the Reception Room will grant a Clue Search Speed increase of 26%.  12F’s maximum increase is 25%.
  • Promotion Level and RIIC Skills are by far the most important factors in determining Clue Search Speed bonus, though Rarity matters as well.
  • Here is a table of how each Operator performs at their respective Promotion Levels:

Clue Finders Search Speed  

Clue Finders Search Speed
Any 6*10%18%26%
Any 5*9%17%25%
Any 4*7%15%23%
Any 3*5%13%-
Any 2*5%--
Any 1*5%--
HR Office Bonus to Clue Search Speed

An odd place to find a bonus to Clue Search Speed, but the HR Office can be a source of speed increase as well (though for most players it will come at a sacrifice to HR contracting speed).  Here is an example:

HR Clue Search

Current Operators with this type of Skill:

Clue Numbers

Each Clue number comes from a specific Arknights Faction, as follows:

  • Clue 1: Rhine Labs
  • Clue 2: Penguin Logistics
  • Clue 3: Black Steel
  • Clue 4: Ursus Student Union
  • Clue 5: Glasgow
  • Clue 6: Karlan Commercial (Kjerag)
  • Clue 7: Rhodes Island

Some Operators have RIIC Skills that make it more likely to find Clues of a specific faction. Here is an example:


Note: The Clue number does not show up in the in-game description.  We have added it to the RIIC Skill descriptions on the wiki.

Note: Only the Operators with the specific Clue-finding Skills increase the chances of finding specific Clues (just being a member of the faction doesn’t matter).  The exact probability increase of finding said faction’s Clue is unknown.  

Here is a list of Operators that currently increase the probabilities of specific Clues:

Operator Clue Specialties  

Clue Operator
Clue 1: Rhine Labs
Clue 2: Penguin Logistics
Clue 3: Black Steel
Clue 4: Ursus
Clue 5: Glasgow
Clue 6: Karlan
Clue 7: Rhodes Island

Control Center Bonuses To Faction Search

A few Operators have Control Center RIIC Skills that increase the likelihood that the Operators assigned to the Reception Room will find a Clue associated with the Clue searcher's faction.  These RIIC Skills sometimes come with an associated penalty of more quickly depleting the morale of the Operators assigned to the Control Center.

  • Note: You can see the time remaining to collect the next Clue in the Reception Room.  Just before a clue is collected, you can swap in Aak/Leize into the Control Center and Operators of the Faction of the Clue you need into the Reception Room.  Then after the Clue has been found, you can swap back in your regular Operators. It is unknown if or how well this works, however, since it is unknown whether the amount of time spent in the control center influences the probability of finding the faction clue.

Here is a list of the currently existing Operators with this type of bonus:

Here is a page that Lists the Operators in each Faction:

Faction Find Failure Bonus

If at first you don't succeed... Some Operators have an RIIC Skill that increases the chances of finding a specific Faction's Clue every time a Clue is found of a different faction.  Here is an example:

Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 1.59.29 PM

Here are the current Operators that have this type of RIIC Skill:

HR Office Bonus to Faction Clue Finding

The HR Office is not the place you might expect to find an RIIC Skill for improving the chance of finding a Clue of a specific faction, but at Rhodes Island, anything is possible.  Here is an example of such a Skill:

Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 2.23.04 PM

The Operators that have this type of RIIC Skill currently include:

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