Analysis by StanTheWoz
Ninja Shamir - Lone-Moon Ninja

Hero Stats

Max Avg Total Stats at Lvl 40
HP 42
ATK 37
SPD 40
DEF 31
RES 32

Stat Variations

Level 1 Stat Variation
Low 17 8 9 8 7
Middle 18 9 10 9 8
High 19 10 11 10 9

Level 40 Stat Variations
Low 39 34 37 27 29
Middle 42 37 40 31 32
High 45 40 44 34 35

IV Sets

Key stats worth increasing through nature if possible.
Complementary stats that matter, but not to the point of picking them over key stats for nature increase.
Relatively worthless stat that can safely be decreased through nature.

Skill Sets

“Can I copy your Hana?” “Sure, just don’t make it look too obvious” (Mixed Phase)

Build by StanTheWoz
Unbound Axe+ (+Spd)
Alternate: Springy Axe+ (+Spd)
A Distant Counter
Alternate: Atk/Spd Solo (3 or 4)
Positional Assist
Alternate: Rally Atk/Spd+
B Spurn 3
Alternate: Spd-Based DR B Slot
Ruptured Sky
Alternate: Moonbow
C Joint Drive Atk
Alternate: Joint Drive Spd

+Spd / -Def or -Res

SAtk/Spd Solo 3
Alternate: Mystic Boost 3

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Weapon: Unbound Axe+ (+Spd) / Springy Axe+ (+Spd) / flexible

Assist: flexible

Special: Ruptured Sky / Moonbow / flexible

IVs: +Spd / -Def or -Res

Passive A: Distant Counter / Atk/Spd Solo / flexible

Passive B: Spurn / Close Call / flexible

Passive C: Joint Drive Atk / flexible

Sacred Seal: Atk/Spd Solo / Mystic Boost / flexible

  • Shamir can run a great “tank” set with skills focused around increasing her Spd, Atk, and ability to take hits. This is a good choice for use on an arena team, and can work in many other contexts. 
  • For a mixed phase Shamir, the Unbound Axe+ is a great weapon, as it neutralizes her foe’s buffs to Atk and Def and debuffs those stats by 5 so long as Shamir isn’t adjacent to an ally, allowing Shamir to deal more damage and take less. The Deck Swabber+ has an identical effect if you prefer a pirate ninja. Springy Axe+ is also a solid choice that increases Shamir’s Atk and Spd by 5 and neutralizes any penalties to those stats so long as her foe has at least 75% HP.  
  • The choice of Assist is flexible. If Shamir is being used in Arena or a mode with Arena scoring, an assist that costs 400 SP should be used, such as any double rally+ like Rally Atk/Spd+, or another choice like Harsh Command+. In modes where this isn’t a concern, a positional assist like Reposition is useful in many situations.
  • The choice of Special likewise depends on mode. For arena scoring, 500 SP specials like Ruptured Sky or Galeforce are ideal. In other modes, Shamir prefers low-cooldown specials that either increase her damage or provide some healing, with Moonbow and Noontime being good options in each of those categories. 
  • The A skill depends on the type of units Shamir is being used against and the team she is being used on. Distant Counter is a great choice that allows her to counterattack ranged foes, which enables her to be a solid counter to units such as Legendary Chrom if used on an arena team. If she is used as a melee-focused tank, such as on a team with a unit using A/R Far Save, then a stat-boosting A skill like Atk/Spd Solo or Atk/Spd Ideal is more useful.
  • Shamir can significantly reduce her damage taken from slower foes by using a B skill like Spurn or Close Call. Both provide damage reduction of up to 40%. Spurn also increases damage dealt by Specials by 5 if Shamir is below 75% HP, while Close Call causes her to move 1 space away from her foe after combat. This movement effect can be highly useful against teams with low mobility to allow her to KO a foe and retreat out of range of another, while the Spurn damage effect is more consistently useful across various modes. Other B skills like Null Follow-Up can also be useful for particular cases. 
  • The choice of C skill is flexible and dependent on mode and team composition. For arena scoring, Shamir needs a 300 SP C skill to hit her maximum scoring potential, so options like Joint Drive Spd or Joint Drive Atk are great choices. In other modes, there are many good choices including the aforementioned two; Pulse Smoke is a solid option that reduces the Special charge of Shamir’s foe and any foes within 2 spaces of that unit after combat, potentially allowing her to avoid getting hit by a Special from a unit that survives the first combat. 
  • The choice of seal is flexible, with Atk/Spd Solo providing a boost to Shamir’s two most important stats so long as she is not adjacent to an ally, while Mystic Boost heals her by 6 HP after combat, disables the Wrathful Staff effect, as well as disabling effects that cause enemies to target the lower of her Def or Res. 

Ultra Instinct Shamir (Galeforce/Player Phase)

Build by StanTheWoz
Shuriken Cleaver+
Alternate: Ninja Masakari+
A Flashing Blade (3 or 4)
Alternate: Atk/Spd Boosting A Slot
Alternate: Positional Assist
B Wings of Mercy 3
Alternate: Frenzy 3
Alternate: Moonbow
C Time's Pulse 3
Alternate: Odd Tempest 3

+Spd or +Atk / -HP or -Def or -Res

SBlade Session 3
Alternate: Flashing Blade 3

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Weapon: Shuriken Cleaver+ / Ninja Masakari+ 

Assist: Reposition / flexible

Special: Galeforce / Moonbow / flexible

IVs: +Spd or +Atk / -HP or -Def or -Res

Passive A: Flashing Blade / Atk/Spd Boosting A Slot

Passive B: Wings of Mercy / Frenzy / flexible

Passive C: Time’s Pulse / Odd Tempest / flexible

Sacred Seal: Blade Session / Flashing Blade / flexible

  • Shamir can also use a more player-phase focused build to deal heavy damage and activate Specials quickly, either to do more damage with a Special such as Moonbow, or to activate Galeforce and act again. 
  • Shuriken Cleaver+ allows Shamir to strike twice when initiating combat, as well as boosting her damage by half the difference between her Spd and her foe’s Spd, up to 4 extra damage per hit if she has 8 or more extra Spd. Ninja Masakari is another option that does not provide this extra damage, but boosts Spd by 4, allowing Shamir to activate Flashing Blade more easily at the cost of lower damage. 
  • The A skill and seal should be chosen together. Flashing Blade is highly useful, providing Shamir with extra Special charge if her Spd is greater than her foe’s, allowing her to activate Moonbow on her second strike or activate Galeforce more quickly. Flashing Blade 4 additionally adds 5 damage if Shamir’s Spd is greater than her foe’s, stacking with the Shuriken Cleaver+ effect for up to a potential of 9 true damage per hit. There are various A skills that provide large boosts to Atk and Spd if the Flashing Blade seal is used instead; some good choices are Surge Sparrow, Swift Sparrow 3, Atk/Spd Ideal, Atk/Spd Solo, and Life and Death. If Flashing Blade 4 is used, the Blade Session seal provides a large boost to Atk and Spd depending on how many allied units have ended their turn before Shamir acts; +3 if none have, +6 if one has, and +9 if two or more have. 
  • The B skill is flexible and depends how Shamir is used on the team. Wings of Mercy allows her to teleport adjacent to an allied unit if that unit has 50% HP or less, which is highly useful for “galeforce” teams that try to sweep through several enemy units in one phase. If this is not needed, Frenzy provides Shamir with Spd-based damage reduction that often allows her to survive one hit from a foe, as well as allowing her to follow-up Atk before her foe can counter if she is below 50% HP and can follow-up naturally. This can potentially allow her to hit her foe 4 times before they can counter her once. 
  • The C skill is flexible and depends on build and team usage. Time’s Pulse charges Shamir’s Special by 1 at the start of her turn if her Special cooldown is at maximum. If using Galeforce, this reduces its charge to 4, allowing her to activate it after striking twice with Flashing Blade, as long as she can activate Flashing Blade and her foe lacks an effect that reduces Special charge such as Guard. Odd Tempest or Even Tempest are also solid choices that grant Shamir the March status effect, allowing her to move 1 extra tile, on odd-numbered turns and on even-numbered turns, respectively. Savage Blow is a solid budget option as well. 


Axe Infantry

Shamir’s status as an axe-wielding infantry unit allows her to use many great skills like Spurn, Null Follow-Up, Time’s Pulse, and more. 

Great Spd

Shamir’s base 40 Spd is great and allows her to outspeed many other units. 

Good Atk

Shamir’s base 37 Atk is above average and allows her to deal good damage against many units. 

Decent Bulk

Shamir’s base 42 HP, 31 Def, and 32 Res are all solid and allow her to survive many hits, especially if using damage reduction from a skill like Close Call

Ease of Merging

Shamir’s status as a Tempest Trial unit means she will eventually be available for purchase using Heroic Grails, allowing players to merge her and gain improved stats without spending orbs. 

185 BST for Arena Scoring

Shamir is the first available unit purchasable with grails that reaches 185 base stat total after a merge, which means she is a great choice for a core unit in modes in which high stats improve players’ score like Arena and Arena Assault. 



Shamir’s statline is almost identical to Ninja Hana, who was released a year earlier and players may have already built. In addition to this, there are many other green axe infantry available, and while Shamir has great stats, she does not have any exclusive skills that other units can’t use, making her struggle to stand out in some ways, especially compared to units that do such as Scion Larcei.  

Weapon Skills

Weapons SP Rng. Mt.
Iron Axe
Learns by default at 1 ★
Unlocks at 1 ★
Inheritable by Axe users only.
50 1 6
Steel Axe
Learns by default at 2 ★
Unlocks at 2 ★
Inheritable by Axe users only.
100 1 8
Shuriken Cleaver

Inflicts Def/Res-4. If unit initiates combat, unit attacks twice, and also, if unit's Spd > foe's Spd, deals damage = 50% of difference between stats. (Maximum bonus of +4 damage.)

Learns by default at 4 ★
Unlocks at 3 ★
Inheritable by Axe users only.
200 1 6
Shuriken Cleaver+

Inflicts Def/Res-4. If unit initiates combat, unit attacks twice, and also, if unit's Spd > foe's Spd, deals damage = 50% of difference between stats. (Maximum bonus of +4 damage.)

Learns by default at 5 ★
Unlocks at 5 ★
Inheritable by Axe users only.
300 1 9
Available Rearmed Weapons
Arcane Þrima
Arcane Downfall
Weapon Evolution
Weapon Upgrades
Weapon Upgrades

Special Skills

Special Skills SP Turns
Night Sky

Boosts damage dealt by 50%.

Learns by default at 4 ★
Unlocks at 3 ★
Non-inheritable by Staff-wielding units.
100 3

Boosts damage dealt by 50%.

Unlocks at 4 ★
Non-inheritable by Staff-wielding units.
200 2

Passive Skills

Passive Skills SP Slot
Speed +1

Grants Spd+1

Inheritable by all units.
Unlocks at 1 ★
Atk/Spd 1

Grants Atk/Spd+1.

Inheritable by all units.
Unlocks at 2 ★
Atk/Spd 2

Grants Atk/Spd +2.

Inheritable by all units.
Unlocks at 4 ★
Atk/Spd Oath 1

At start of turn, if unit is adjacent to an ally, grants Atk/Spd+3 to unit for 1 turn.

Infantry & Flying Units Only
Unlocks at 3 ★
Atk/Spd Oath 2

At start of turn, if unit is adjacent to an ally, grants Atk/Spd+4 to unit for 1 turn.

Infantry & Flying Units Only
Unlocks at 4 ★
Atk/Spd Oath 3

At start of turn, if unit is adjacent to an ally, grants Atk/Spd+5 to unit for 1 turn.

Infantry & Flying Units Only
Unlocks at 5 ★

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses

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