Wings of Mercy 3

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If an ally's HP ≤ 50%, unit can move to a space adjacent to that ally.

Inheritable Restrictions?

All Units

  • Inheritable by all units.

Skillsets that use skill

tfw you’re in a war for your mother’s affection against a pancake (Galeforce)

On An Open Fire (General Use / Aether Raids Offense)

To Someone Special (Aether Raids Defense)

No Chance, No Way (Galeforce)


wait why do i hear Specialist playing (Utility Nuke / Hit-and-Run + Maximum Damage)

I Wish the Handsome Cow God Was Real (Galeforce)

the definition of a summer glow-up (Galeforce)

You Can't Leave Right Now, We Got After-Party Disco! (Galeforce Dancer)

Stamina Lunch Special, Wedding Cake Edition! (Low-Investment / General Support Dance)

Flash of the Freeblades (Galeforce)

POV: You Didn't Respect the Turn Limit At Munster (Galeforce)

#justchrobinthings🏳️‍🌈 (Budget Healer)

robin is a fan of pancakes (Utility Nuke / Aether Raids Offense)

Harmonized Harmony (Max-Investment Arena)

The Desert Wind’s Song (Aether Raids Offense / General Use)

Serene Waves (Aether Raids Defense)

My Big Brother Can't Be This Edgy and Outdated (One-Tap Galeforce)

what do you MEAN fairies can’t go into hibernation??? (Defensive Tank / Support Hybrid)

Escape Route/Wings of Mercy


These are some of the most unique skills in the game, allowing a unit to teleport to their allies if certain conditions are met. These skills can be hard to predict, especially in the hands of AI. An important detail of this skill is the ability to teleport and attack within the same round. The only difference between the skills is how they are triggered: Escape Route requires the user to be under half HP, where Wings of Mercy requires an ally to be under half HP. Escape Route gives the user of the skill more locations to teleport, but Wings of Mercy lets a unit teleport to an ally who is weakened, arguably making the skill more useful for influencing combat.


Wings of Mercy is a coveted skill on ranged attackers and units with access to Sing/Dance. A unit on low HP can have a dancer teleport to them, refresh them and allow them to win a duel they otherwise couldn’t. Having it on a dancer can let your offensive units play much more aggressively than they otherwise would. Powerful offensive cavalry like Reinhardt and Abel can receive support no matter how deeply they go into the enemy lines. Wings of Mercy can also be paired up with skills such as Swap and Reposition, allowing users of the skill to help get their allies to safety. Escape Route is a more one-dimensional skill, since it requires the user of the skill to have taken damage themselves. It can let them play more aggressively, but requires the use of the unit’s turn.


The major weakness of both skills is that they require a unit’s health to be under half. Wings of Mercy is much more versatile than Escape Route, leaving the latter with more weaknesses. Since Escape Route teleports the user themselves, they cannot attack and teleport in the same turn. It’s great for getting a unit out from a fight they are losing. However, it is hard to legitimise it over B slot skills which can help that unit prevail outright.