Flashing Blade 3

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If unit's Spd > foe's Spd, grants Special cooldown charge +1 per unit's attack. (Only highest value applied. Does not stack.)

Inheritable Restrictions?
How to Get

Tempest Trials Reward

Sacred Seal Forge

Great Badges Badges Sacred Coins
400 1000 100

Skillsets that use skill

I’m Sick of Crying, Tired of Trying. Yeah, I’m Smiling… (Player Phase)

Awakening (Offensive Focus / Utility Nuke)

Unknowing Fire (Aether Raids Offense Galeforce)

Clean Sweep (Galeforce)

Sparks When I’m With You (General Offense)

Dream Offensive (Galeforce / General Offense)

How Does Thunderbrand’s Sheath Work???? (Offensive Nuke)

Promotion-Hindered Ninja (Aggressive Sweeper)

A Rightful God (Player Phase Offensive Build)

Le Trou Du Cull (Player Phase Sweeper)

Blood of Flames (Desperation Offense)

Aggressive Bartering (Player Phase Offense)

Celica's Gale (Area-of-Effect Special)

Starstruck (Galeforce Offense)

Astral Flash (Player Phase Offense)

Setting Mareeta's Example (Offensive)