Time's Pulse 3

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At start of turn, if Special cooldown count is at its maximum value, grants Special cooldown count-1.

Inheritable Restrictions?
Related Skills

Unlocks at 4 ★

Skillsets that use skill

Iron Blue Intention (Offense)

Waiting for something to happen? (Aether Raids Defense)

One Punch Woman (Offensive/Player Phase)

Glint of Verdant Guidance (AoE Special Activation)

Officially Certified By The Misoshiro Sukarai Scholarship™ (Non-Sweep Offense)

tfw you copied some gnome's homework then suddenly become legendary (Windsweep / General Use) (Aether Raids Offense / General Use)

My abode now. (Aether Raids Defense)

No Talk To Me I'm Angy (Player Phase Offensive)

Unknowing Fire (Aether Raids Offense Galeforce)

Frigid Spiral (Enemy Phase One-Shot)

Do you really think I'd lose? (Special Spiral)

I've never met a girl whose heart was so clear... (General Offense)

Go ahead, tap the Surrender button. (Aether Raids Defense)

Clean Sweep (Galeforce)

Strategy? Just Warp. (Utility)

Steady as Stone (Aether Raids Defense)

Exceeding Her Father (Aether Raids Defense)