Ruptured Sky

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Boost damage by 20% of foe's Atk. If in combat against dragon foe or beast foe, boost damage by 40% instead of 20%.

Inheritable Restrictions?

Excludes Staff, Dragon and Beast Units

Excludes Staff, Dragon and Beast Units

Skillsets that use skill

Back and Better Than Ever (Vantage)

A Ninja’s Mystique (Mixed Phase Sweeper)

About to go fight I’ll post the video after (Mixed/Enemy Phase Tank)

Frolicking Flames - I mean, Soothing Warmth (Player Phase)

I don’t think being barefooted would help me (Aether Raids Support)

Harmonized Harmony (Max-Investment Arena)

Nott Another Defense Mythic with Pathfinder (Aether Raids Defense)

The Power of God and Anime (Player Phase/Arena Scoring)

This is the strength of the Holy Guard! (Max-Investment Arena)

“Can I copy your Hana?” “Sure, just don’t make it look too obvious” (Mixed Phase)

daaaad, big bro's dressing like a total weeb again (Arena Optimal / F!Edelgard Popper)

Blue Legendary Lilina (Aether Raids Defense)

King of Beating You Up in Arena (Arena)

Waiting for something to happen? (Aether Raids Defense)

An intelligent boy! A handsome boy! A boy of many talents! (Aether Raids Defense)

For Whom the Bell Tolls (Aether Raids Defense)

* teleports behind you * (Aether Raids Defense)

This Time I'm Leaving You Behind (Arena)

Begone with the Thunderclap (Aether Raids Defense)

У нас высокая статистика (Arena)

Milk Truk Impakkutto (Aether Raids Defense)

Wombo Chrombo (Player Phase Offensive)