Homura Akemi's (Glasses) Story: Episode 3

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Part 1

I go to a desolate, abandoned building.
I stop time there... And I practice my shooting.
Ready... Aim... FIRE!
Ready... Aim... FIRE!
Ready... Aim... FIRE!
Whew... Of course. I barely hit anything.
Madoka and Mami were showering me with praise earlier, but I could tell...
I'm still just a rookie shooter with a long way to go.
I need to be able to hit every target just like Mami can...
Ready... Aim... FIRE!
Ready... Aim... FIRE!
Ready... Aim... FIRE!
And of course I barely hit anything, again. Over half of my bullets missed the targets...
No use feeling down about it. I'll just have to practice harder...
Practice makes perfect!
You're right, it really does!
You're a Magical Girl, right?
And you're...practicing shooting...? I can tell cause there's holes in the cans!
I just can't tell when the heck you actually shot 'em!
What a strange ability!
E-eh?! Who are you...?
Me? I'm Natsuki Utsuho!
My motto during Magical Girl missions and everyday life is...
Go! Fight! Win!
I use my words to cheer on everyone and push them forward!
So you're a...Magical Girl cheerleader...?
*Giggle* Something like that! Nice to meet ya!
I was just passing by here when I saw this awesome sight!
I gotta ask, are those things you're using actual, real guns?
They are. That's why I need the practice...
Wow... You sure are committed!
That's it! I gotta cheer for you!
What's your name?
I'm... Homura Akemi.
Homura, got it!
Homuraaah! Homuraaah! Ho-mu-ra! Go, fight, win!
Here we go, Ho-mu-ra! Go! Fight! Win!
Oh! You can keep practicing. I'm gonna cheer you from here!
... Thanks...
If you do that...
It's going to make it HARDER to practice!

Part 2

Ready... Aim... FIRE!
Go, go, Ho-mu-ra!
Ready... Aim... FIRE!
Homuraaah! Homuraaah! Go! Fight! Win!
Ready... Aim... FIRE!
Homuraaah! Homuraaah! Go, go, Ho-mu-ra!
I thought I wouldn't be able to concentrate having her around.
But actually I felt better than ever. I wonder if that's how her powers work?
I'm still not there yet. I'm still missing too many shots.
Wow! You got so much better in such a short amount of time!
And I can't believe your magic! Stopping time like that!
You shoot while time is frozen, don't you? I just can't see or feel it, right?
Yes. I stop time and shoot while it's stopped.
AH-mazing! You're totally awesome!
Well...not really...
I noticed though, right after you shoot you shift your butt backward a little bit.
I shift... Do you mean my form is wrong?
Yes, as you aim at the targets your upper body is creeping further forward.
It's just like the baseball players I usually cheer for. I always tell 'em!
Get your form right, put your hips into it! Then...WHAMMO!
It gets dicey if you lean forward like that as you go. Makes you more likely to miss.
I see...
I haven't been able to see my form from an outside perspective, so I haven't noticed...
Next, let's try this...
Stand up as tall as you can, face forward, clear your mind...and shoot!
That makes sense... Thanks, Natsuki.
I'll give it a try!
Yeah, you got this! Let's go!
I'll be supporting you from the sidelines!
If you need more help, just call for me!
Okay, calm...steady...
Go, go, Ho-mu-ra!
Stand up as tall as I can...face forward... Don't let myself get pulled forward...
Homuraaah! Go! Fight! Win!
Keep the target in my sights... Steady my breathing...and then FIRE!
Homuraaah! Homuraaah! Go! Fight! Win!
Okay...let's do this. NOW!
Whoooah! Homura, look!
You hit 'em! You hit so many of 'em!
I did...!
You did it! You did it!!!
Thank you, Natsuki!
Congrats on your shots, Homura!
*Laugh* I really did it...!

Part 3

Ready... Aim... FIRE!
Go, go, Ho-mu-ra!
Ready... Aim... FIRE!
Let's go! Fight! Win! Let's go! Fight! Win!
Ready... Aim... FIRE!
Homuraaah! Homuraaah! Go! Fight! Win!
Looook! You got so many!
Your hit rate is way up!
I'm getting better... And it's all because of you, Natsuki!
I got so much better, so quickly...
There's no way I could have improved that much, that fast, on my own.
Okey doke! It's time for your break, Homura!
I'll set up the cans while you take a break.
Oh, I brought drinks by the way. Have which ever one you like.
Th-thank you! You really are too kind...
No big, no big! I'm curious, though...
Before, you made it sound kinda like you always practice by yourself...
Don't you have any Magical Girl friends to practice with?
That... That's my problem, not yours...
No, no way! If it's a problem for you...
Then it's my problem too! I said I was here to support you, didn't I?
... I do have a friend who uses guns.
But Mami... She's a veteran fighter. There's way too wide a gap in experience.
If I asked her for special training it would be like...pestering her, or something...
She's your friend though, isn't she?
Would one of your friends... the kind of person to get annoyed by you working hard to get better?
No...she wouldn't. She's not like that...
She would never say that!
...Yeah, you're right.
She's your friend, Homura!
Let's ask her for help, okay? She can be your shooting practice coach.
...That's a good idea. I'll try asking her!
I called Mami immediately and asked her for her help with my shooting.
She promised to show up to help straight away.
Whoa, she's coming now?! So like, NOW now?!
She said she was already on her way. To, 'Just wait where you are!'
Geeeeeeze...! She's a SUPER good friend, then!
Wait... That means she'll be here at any moment. Oh, I'm not ready!
Relax, relax. I'm not done cheering for you, yet!
*Giggle* Thank you.
After an hour or so, Mami did show up at the abandoned building.
U-um... Thank you.
Really, don't mention it.
I'm really impressed, Homura. You were practicing by yourself?
Next time don't wait to ask me for help. I'm here for you whenever.
Okay! Thank you!
Oof! Sorry, but she wasn't by herself today!
I was here too! The name's Natsuki Utsuho, Magical Girl cheerleader!
Cheerleader? I see. Thank you for helping her.
I'm Mami Tomoe. It's a pleasure to meet you.
Great to meet you too! Call on me for all your cheerleading needs!
*Giggle* If I ever have any, I will make sure to come straight to you.
Please do! I'm open for business 24/7! 365 days a year, absolutely no vacations!
*Giggle* I will keep that in mind.
By the way... Homura, how are you feeling?
She's getting better at an incredible rate! She's gotten much better just today!
N-no I haven't, Natsuki.
In that case... We'd best move on to battle practice.
Battle with me, Homura!

Part 4

Are you ready, Homura?
Give it all you've got, you two!
*Chuckle* Thank you.
I'll try.
Here I come...!
... Aha.
If I tie myself to you with my ribbons, I won't be affected by your time magic.
I can move about freely this way.
Let's start, then.
Here goes!
Your form is off! Aim first, then shoot!
All right! Hrrryahh!
Focus! You won't hit anything like that!
U-um, yes! ...Right! Hyah!
Too slow!
Enemies won't give you time to think!
You must react in a split second! Maintain your form!
Yes! Here I come...!
... ...! Is the fight...over already?
*Huff*...*Puff*... It is...
*Chuckle* What a nice surprise. You really have improved.
And to think, you came this far in such a short amount of time!
*Chuckle* Feel free to ask me for help any time.
I'll be more than happy to.
Homura, great job! Your coach gave you such nice compliments!
If this were baseball, you'd be like the best hitter AND pitcher at the same time!
Y-you don't have to go that far... I'm still not...great...
But you have great potential, Homura. It's all right to have confidence in yourself.
You're already strong enough.
Thank you!
Well then, shall we get going? We need to get back to Mitakihara.
Yes! Oh, but, Natsuki! Thank you so much, again!
Aw, you don't need to thank me! It was fun. Lemme cheer for you again sometime, yeah?
I'm already so different from who I used to be. I've come so far.
I became a Magical Girl to keep Kaname safe from harm.
I can't slow down... Not even for a moment.
I'll get strong enough to complete my quest to protect Madoka. No matter what.
For her sake… I have to keep moving forward.
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