SP Super Saiyan Gogeta (Purple)

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SP Super Gogeta PUR has been in the game for quite some time as a PvE Boss since the first year's Anniversary but he is now a playable Fighter that’s a part of the large number of free-to-play Fighters that we’ve received during the 4th Anniversary Campaign.
This Fighter specializes in doing a lot of Strike Damage while being able to combo for a long time due to a +1 card draw speed increase effect on his Strike Arts Cards. 

He also supports his teammates by giving them ki and debuffing the enemy with a +20% Strike Damage received debuff for 10 timer counts.

Defensively, this Fighter leaves much to be desired.


Strike Demon

As mentioned in the Overview, SP Super Gogeta PUR is a strike-oriented Fighter. He heals 3% of his HP per Strike Arts Card he’s used, he can an extra 50% Strike Damage inflicted after using 5 Strike Arts which remains permanent for the duration of the battle. That 50% coupled with his 80% Damage Inflicted once the battle starts make him do really good Strike Damage. His combos will be long as well due to the increased Card Draw Speed for 5 timer counts per Strike Arts used.

Two Wills Entwined

This Ability is where SP Super Gogeta PUR will get most of his Damage as he draws a Special Move Arts Card next and it gets an 80% Damage increase. This can do frightening amounts of Damage to enemy Fighters as his Special Move Arts Card “ Stardust Rain” gives it an extra 30% Damage Inflicted for 3 timer counts upon activation.

His Main Ability also has some form-of defensive utility by reducing the enemy’s Card Draw Speed by one level and he seals an enemy card for 10 timer counts which can prove to be beneficial in some instances.


Surprisingly, a Super Saiyan Fighter nerfs the Super Saiyan team in some capacity. SP Super Gogeta PUR reduces SSJ Fighters Critical Rate by 30% which makes it harder for those Fighters to get critical a


Blue Card Animation

Sadly, SP Super Gogeta PUR’s Special Move Arts is similar to SP Super Saiyan Broly GRN where it can’t be used to frame trap the opposition and if not timed correctly then it can’t counter against the enemy Blast Arts.

Poor Defense

SP Super Gogeta PUR is very bad defensively due to the basic 50% Damage reduction that he gets once the battle starts and his mediocre defensive stats

Team Synergy


SP Super Gogeta PUR is not a core Fighter on Fusions nor is he a good bench for the team in the current meta. This Fighter should only be used if you don’t have SP LL Super Vegito PUR at Zenkai 7.

Super Saiyans

Similar to Fusions, this Fighter should only be brought if you don’t have SP LL Super Vegito PUR at Zenkai 7.

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