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  • Lineage of Evil is the best Team in the game after the release of the new Golden Frieza, which makes the Team even more versatile Offensively. It's a basically flawless Team now.
  • Powerful Opponents is basically an alternative a slightly different Lineage of Evil, with Jiren being the additional Fighter and SSBKK Goku fitting pretty well as a leader on the Team.
  • God Ki Z Tier thanks to its GGY lineup which is arguably the strongest Offensive Team in the Game.
  • Universe Survival has a complete core after the release of SSBKK Goku and Golden Frieza, and in particular using Revive Frieza as leader really feels like the cherry on top for a Team that excels at dealing Blast Damage and having survivability tools.
  • Sagas WarriorsSaiyanSon Family all on the decline due to the unfavorable Meta for Purple-heavy Builds.
  • Super Saiyan's effectiveness is decreasing update after update, with Golden Frieza being its latest counter.

Tier Z

What makes a Team 'Z Tier'?

Consistent Teams Offensively and Defensively. All Teams in this Tier have multiple Win conditions, so they can afford to make mistakes multiple times per Battle without their chances of victory decreasing. In short, these Teams are clearly superior to the other placed lower in this list.



Tier S

What makes a team 'S' Tier?

The Teams listed here would be Z Tier worthy it wasn’t for some small flaws that either make them less diverse, or a bit less powerful as a whole, which hurts their consistency compared to Z tier Teams. 

Tier 1

What makes a Team 'Tier 1'?

Compared to S Tier Teams, the ones listed here have more matchup problems but they can still compete with the strongest Teams in the Meta, as they have very powerful Fighters and solid Win Conditions. However they really have to outplay Z Tier Teams in order to win against those.

Tier 2

What makes a Team 'Tier 2'?

Solid Teams, but they have a lot of matchup problems against higher tier ones that make them inconsistent in the Meta.

Tier 3

What makes a Team 'Tier 3'?

Teams here are generally the ones that are really disadvantaged against some of the higher Tier Teams and would need to be played perfectly, or even be very lucky, to have chances at winning if matched up with those.

Tier 4

"What Makes A Team Tier 4?"

It's really hard to justify playing these Teams competitively in the Meta. The Teams listed here are basically fun Builds that are meant to be played for some matches before being swapped for actual Meta Teams. 

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