Combat Formulas and Rising Rush Damage Guide

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Critical Rate and Damage

Starting at 3% when equal, critical hit rate increases with the ratio of attacker's and defender's critical stats. Critical hit rate is given by:

$$Critical Rate = 3\% \times 4.26^{\log { ( { Critical_A \over Critical_D } ) }}$$

Any Critical Rate Bonus is multiplied by this value.

Some examples:

Attacker Crit Defender Crit A/D Ratio Critical Rate
1000 1000 1 3.00%
2000 1000 2 4.64%
3000 1000 3 5.99%
100000 1000 100 54.4%
1000 2000 .5 1.94%
1000 3000 .333 1.50%

While the possibility exists in the code, art cards choices do not currently affect critical rate. All attacks are equally likely to crit in a given matchup, and all critical hits does 25% more damage.

Ki Recovery Rate

A fighter's Ki Recovery Rate translates to gain per second by:

$$ Ki Gain = 8 + { Ki Recovery \over 625 } $$

Since Ki Gain ranges from 1250 to 2500, most fighters take 8 to 12 seconds to fully recover their ki gauge.

Vanish Recovery Rate

All fighters have the same Vanish Recovery stat of 2000, so they all recover their vanish gauge in 5 seconds.

Rising Rush

A typical Rising Rush does around 500k damage with a full roster of health maxed Fighters. The trick to increasing a Rising Rush's Damage output is as follows:

  • Element Advantage: +50% Damage
  • Downed Teammates: +25% Damage per downed Teammate
  • Special Move (blue card) in your card selection: +20% Damage per Special Move Arts Card.
  • Equipment that Boosts base Attack stats and Damage.
  • Z-Abilities that Boost base Attack Stats.
  • Have Teammates with Defeated Unique Abilities (SP SSJ Gohan YEL is a good pick because his Defeated Ability grants a permanent Buff).
  • The Fighter using the Rising Rush should be fully maxed out in level, stars, and soul boosts.
  • Weaker Enemies take more Damage: up to +200% Damage.
  • Damage is increased in increments depending on whether the Fighter using Rising Rush is below 75%, 50%, and 25%, respectively.

The ideal order of operations prior to activating Rising Rush is as follows:

(NOTE--it's best to start the Combo with a Strike or Blast Arts Card Attack before activating Rising Rush so the Enemy won't be able to Vanish Dodge at the last second)

  1. The Fighter intended to use Rising Rush should take enough hits to get them below 50% Health (ideally below 25%).
  2. Switch in the other Teammates and weaken the Enemies.
  3. Wait until one Special Move Arts Card is drawn, then use their Special Move drawing Main Abilities (for a total of three Special Move Arts Cards in the hand) before letting both Teammates die.
  4. Activate Rising Rush with the remaining and severely weakened Fighter and pick one of the Special Move Arts Cards.