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Zenkai Awakening has had a mixed reception in the Dragon Ball Legends community, with many wondering where they might fit on our Sparking Tier List and our Team Tier List. Here is where we analyze the top Zenkai Teams and Fighters if they are available, and where they fit in the Meta.

For further details on Zenkai Awakening and it's impact on the community outside of the Meta, check out our Zenkai Premium article below.

Top Zenkai Teams

These Teams are different from our Top Teams and Fighters placed on our Sparking Tier List. These Teams are assuming Zenkai Level 7 and 14 Stars on every other Fighter. These Teams are what the upper limits of Zenkai Awakening presents.

Top Zenkai Team Tier List

This is where the Top Zenkai Teams would fit in relation to the other Teams on our Team Tier List

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