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Ultra Space-Time Summon #5


This Summon Event really shakes things up with an entirely new summoning system that rewards the Player with smaller increment Consecutive Summons that are way cheaper and offer Summon Ticket rewards.

The spotlight Fighters have way higher Summon Rates, which is great for Players specifically want the new Demon King Piccolos or even the low stat novelty World Champion Hercule.

Players who are less than excited for these Fighters should probably save their Chrono Crystals for another Summon.

SP WC Hercule RED

SP World Champion Hercule (Red)

“If it weren’t for his stats, SP WC Hercule RED would be more than just a novelty summon. With exception to his Ki and Critical stats, he has the lowest Stats out of all current SP, EX, and HE Fighters--in some stats he even comes in at dead last.”

“Despite all that...he is really fun to play!”

“His toolkit revolves around manipulating Card cost rewarding Teammates for keeping SP WC Hercule RED close but not quite dead.”

“Hmm...I am THAT good.”

“If the Enemy manages to kill him once, SP WC Hercule RED makes a comeback, regaining 20% health to give him another chance to prove why there’s only one World Champion!”

“You heard it, my fanatic fans! Now yell if you love me!!”

SP DK Piccolo YEL

sp dk piccolo yel

“This dastardly villain is stronger than even the great World Champion Mr. Satan! SP DK Piccolo YEL has unbelievably high stats with special attention given to his Strike Attack. With Ki Recovery as fast as he has, the earth is surely doomed!”

“Ha ha ha! That’s right, humans...prepare yourselves for my wrath!”

“Any Fighters who think they can take him on better know what they are getting into--if you tap out, it will be even longer before you have a chance to face him again.”

“Heh--just try it, you cowards.”

"If you have any dragon balls, you’d better keep an eye on then--SP DK Piccolo YEL can use his Main Ability to take up to two for himself."

“But he does have one weakness!”

“He...has almost no equips...not even those Tagged for Piccolo Variants.”

EX DK Piccolo PUR

ex dk piccolo pur

“Well folks, it looks like we can’t catch a break because EX DK Piccolo PUR is pretty strong too! Where his SP counterpart specializes in Melee combat, this Fighter is a master of Blast Attack. His Arts cards may be all Strike, but one of them can inflict poison Damage--I’ve never seen that on the ring before!”

“Yeah, come at me--See what happens!”

“Where most Ranged Fighters compensate for high Blast Card costs with superior Ki Recovery, EX DK Piccolo PUR goes one step further with a Main Ability that reduces Blast Arts Card costs by 5.”

“You WILL kneel for your King.”

“He may be strong, but he doesn’t hold a candle to SP DK Piccolo YEL. Not only does he also  lack Equips, but his Z-Ability is limited to Boosting Purple Fighters--not a lot of those in the Regeneration Tag!”