Power up your characters!

Below are the main methods of increasing your characters’ battle power:

1. Gather EXP and level up
2. Soul Boost
3. Class Up
4. Limit Break

Power up your favorite characters and battle with warriors from around the world!

How to Level Up

Your level increases once you’ve reached a certain amount of EXP, boosting your stats.
You can gather EXP by completing Stories or doing Training.


By using Training Items to send your character to a Training Ground for a fixed period of time, you can increase your EXP.
Different Training Grounds require different Training Items.
Select “Training” from the Menu and gather EXP for the character you want to power up!

For more details, go to the Menu screen, select “Other,” then “Help,” then “Training.”

Soul Boosts

Use Rewards you’ve earned from Stories and Souls and Zeni you’ve gathered from Adventures to open Boost Panels and increase your characters’ stats and Arts Levels.
Boost Panels require different amounts of Souls and Zeni depending on the stats you want to power up.
Select “Characters” from the Menu, then “Soul Boost,” then your character to power them up!

For more details, go to the Menu screen, select “Other,” then “Help,” then “Soul Boosts.”


By sending your character on an Adventure for a fixed period of time, you can earn various items depending on their destination.
You need an Adventure Request in order to start an Adventure.
Send your character out on Adventures when you don’t have enough Souls, Training Items, or Zeni!

For more details, go to the Menu screen, select “Other,” then “Help,” then “Adventures.”

Class Ups

By performing a Class Up when you’ve reached your level limit, you can level up even further.
You need to open a certain amount of Soul Panels using Soul Boosts in order to Class Up, and your character must be at the max level for its class.
You can open Boost Cores once you’ve fulfilled these requirements. Use your Souls and Zeni to open Boost Cores and Class Up so you can level up even further!

For more details, go to the Menu screen, select “Other,” then “Help,” then “Soul Boosts,” then “Boost Cores.”

Limit Breaks

Once you’ve gathered enough Z Power for a character, that character will automatically Limit Break, powering up their stats.
You character will gain more stars when it Limit Breaks, and once they’ve gathered enough stars, they will learn new Abilities. Your characters can Limit Break until they reach seven stars.
Gather enough Z Power through Summons and strengthen your characters even further!

For more details, check out the following:
1. Menu → Other → Help → Characters → Limit Breaks
2. Menu → Other → Help → Characters → Z Abilities

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