help me build a team

i just started playing the game 2 week ago and now i wanted to build a good team

Asked by madphantom1 year 4 months ago


You really don’t have enough units to make a fairly good team, but female warrior does seem a good place to start because you got bulma, pan, and kale. Go for the ultra space summon #9 and the new beautiful girls summons, I forgot the name. The one where you get chichi and videl.

You do indeed have a good start for a female warrior team with bulma and kale. But unlike what DBKadirlegends said i would advise AGAINST going for ultra space summon #9. The best female warrior team as of now is definitely bulma/Kale/Caulifla. So incase you want to make a female warrior team I'd highly suggest going for the ultra space summon 8 first to get that caulifla.

After you get that caulifla you can go ahead and try for the chichi and videl. But before that... Definitely caulifla.

Also having caulifla gives you more options for the future as she will also be a staple on any universe 6 team in the future. While Chichi and Videl only have the female warrior tag and will only ever be playable in the female warrior team.