Is there anywhere that shows the best of each stats like 1st for strike attack, 1st for blast attack?

Asked by LegacyAndroid3 years 10 months ago


by homu 3 years 10 months ago

Oh, I guess we don't have that yet. The current best are:

#1 Health: Bardock SP (712,774)
#1 Strike Attack: Super Trunks (66,850)
#1 Blast Attack: Super Vegeta (63,724)
#1 Strike Defense: Android #17 (45,416)
#1 Blast Defense: Android #17 (46,221)

Interestly, without 398% soul boost SSJ Vegeta has #1 Strike Defense.

Above stats are calculated at max Level/Z Power/SB, but you can check their stats at lower limits on the character pages.

I'll get started on a site tool for a stats ranking list.