Master Kai Yan Speedrun Guide

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In sharp contrast to the cakewalk that is Expert Kai Yan’s Wrath, Master difficulty pushed players to their limits. Designed around a hyper-bloated Shadow roster, Master Kai Yan sports stricter HP checks, more Adamantine Shield casts, and over three times more HP than in Expert. 

Luckily, Update 2.0.0’s revamps granted players access to five different Wyrmprints, enabling greater flexibility with teambuilding. This guide will show players how to bypass the entire fight and crush Kai Yan in 20-30 seconds flat.

Choose Your Character

General Tip: equip all three allies with Gold Fafnirs. This increases Rupie income to 250k per run which will quickly stack up as you burn through Getherwings.

All weapons, dragons, Shared Skills, etc. are assumed fully upgraded unless otherwise noted. 


You are the Inspiration bot. Between guaranteed Crit, Poison, and multiple DEF reduction zones, you enable the Veronicas to wipe Kai Yan off the map.

Dagger choice is flexible here, Mitsuba’s personal damage is pretty negligible compared to the Veronicas’.

The Big Cheese weapon skin is vitally necessary. 

Wyrmprints can consist of any two Skill Prep 50% and any two Buff Time picks.

Shared Skills


The more Buff Time the better. Tobias is optional but loosens the window between skill casts a bit.


You are the tactical nuke. Drop low, Doublebuff yourself, then wait for Mitsuba to set the table. 

Doublebuffs are the name of the game here, and Veronica abuses her innate 100% Skill Prep to gain two sources of DEF right out of the gate.

Shared Skills


Berserker can substitute for a Blade Co-ability. Although Mega Man is ideal, a Manacaster like Ilia or Sharpshooter Joe also work to break Kai Yan in time.  

Since Mitsuba’s Inspiration gives guaranteed Crit, Crit Damage modifiers are crucial.

Step-by-Step Character Roles


Don’t move an inch. Switch to Tempura stance (top).

Use Skill 2 after tanking the opening blast. Popping too early will cause the buff to get cancelled. 

Use Tornado Bash when the Red marker dash appears, then use Obstruction Armament.

Force Strike away from the first crescent swipe, then use Skill 2.

Roll to Kai Yan’s opposite side to avoid the follow up crescent swipe, then use Obstruction Armament.

Unload all skills then Shapeshift as needed.


Roll into Kai Yan’s Battleground circle. 

Use Skill 1 as the boss is still transforming. This cast is meant to lower Veronica’s HP even further and should not hit Kai Yan.

Roll to the side to avoid the Red marker dash. Use standard attacks to recharge Skill 1 during this next period. 

After the first crescent swipe, roll to Kai Yan’s opposite side.

Use Knight’s Spirit, then Sparrow’s Guard.

Look for the GO SIGNAL

Master Kai Yan Speedrun Guide zone timing

Wait until BOTH zones are active

Use Skill 1 followed by Skill 2 once both Obstruction Armament zones are active.

Shapeshift as needed to close out the fight.

Video Example

Credit to Brotel


This strategy turns Master Kai Yan into arguably the best source of Orichalcum. Both Rupies and Orichalcum quickly become scarce as players begin to upgrade High Dragon and Agito weapons, so clearing endgame content in under half a minute greatly softens Dragalia's overall weapon grind. 

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