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Seiros - Saint of Legend


Obtainable as a 5 only

Hero Stats

Max Avg Total Stats at Lvl 40
HP 40
ATK 42
SPD 18
DEF 37
RES 40

Stat Variations

Level 1 Stat Variation
Low 17 8 4 8 11
Middle 18 9 5 9 12
High 19 10 6 10 13

Level 40 Stat Variations
Low 36 38 14 34 37
Middle 40 42 18 37 40
High 43 45 21 40 43

IV Sets

Key stats worth increasing through nature if possible.
Complementary stats that matter, but not to the point of picking them over key stats for nature increase.
Relatively worthless stat that can safely be decreased through nature.

Skill Sets

A Funeral of Flowers (Aether Raids Defense)

Build by lordhelpme
Aurora Breath A Mirror Impact
Positional Assist B Dragon Wall 3
Alternate: Wings of Mercy 3
Alternate: Moonbow
C Wings of Light


SAtk/Res Bond 3
Alternate: Hardy Bearing 3

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Weapon: Aurora Breath

Assist: Positional Assist / No Assist / Flexible

Special: Glimmer / Moonbow / Iceberg / Glacies

Passive A: Mirror Impact / Distant Counter 

Passive B: Dragon Wall / Wings of Mercy / Lull Atk/Res

Passive C: Wings of Light / Time’s Pulse / Drive Skills / Smoke Skills / Flexible

Sacred Seal: Atk/Res Bond / Hardy Bearing / Mirror Strike / Death Blow / Quickened Pulse

  • Given her status as an Anima Mythical Hero, a build dedicated to Seiros’ performance within the context of Aether Raids Defense is only natural—and thankfully, her skill set enables her to make an overall meaningful contribution to one’s defense team. An Attack Asset is preferable over her other options to maximize her damage, but boosting one of her defensive stats may also work if aiming to use the saint as more of a wall. 
    • It’s worth noting that although potential alterations are always welcome to best fine-tune Seiros to serve your particular team, much of this set consists of her innate kit as it is already quite effective. 
  • Seiros’ ideal choice of Assist is tricky here and will largely be case-dependent given that it is necessary to account for the way in which the AI prioritizes turn order—or she can go without one at all to avoid potential mishaps. 
  • For her Special, those with low cooldowns—namely, Glimmer and Moonbow—work well and can potentially activate in a single round when she initiates combat, with Glimmer pairing especially well with her high offensive ceiling. For those using Seiros within an Infantry Pulse setup, using Iceberg or Glacies if enough charges are available allows for massive damage as they leverage her monstrous Resistance.
  • Her base Mirror Impact is an excellent candidate for her A slot for a more aggressive approach to Seiros, granting her a substantial Attack and Resistance boost (which also enhances the strength of Dragon Wall’s damage reduction) and the ability to  deny enemy follow-up attacks. However, Seiros can also opt for Distant Counter if using her as a wall to punish Player Phase strategies and make initiating against her much more dangerous. 
  • Dragon Wall is a highly effective B skill choice to further augment Seiros’ fantastic durability, directly reducing her foe’s damage based on the difference between their Resistance; this lends itself well to most playstyles. Wings of Mercy is a potential alternative should one want to highlight Seiros’ damage ceiling and expand her mobility, or Lull Atk/Res to break through enemy bonuses.
  • Like most other units, Seiros isn’t too attached to any particular C skill, but standouts include her exclusive Wings of Light to enhance the combat of other Mythics, Time’s Pulse to hasten her Special (especially in Infantry Pulse setups), and Smoke skills. For her Sacred Seal, anything that enhances her key stats—ideally in the form of a Bond or Blow skill—works well, or Hardy Bearing to check Vantage units.

Gazing at Sirius (Enemy Phase Focus)

Build by lordhelpme
Aurora Breath A Distant Counter
Positional Assist B Dragon Wall 3
Alternate: Dragon's Ire 3
Alternate: Noontime
C Atk Smoke 3
Alternate: Wings of Light

+ATK or +DEF or +RES / -SPD

SQuick Riposte 3
Alternate: Mirror Stance 2

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Weapon: Aurora Breath

Assist: Positional Assist / Flexible

Special: Sol / Noontime

Passive A: Distant Counter

Passive B: Dragon Wall / Dragon’s Ire / Special Spiral

Passive C: Smoke Skills / Time’s Pulse / Wings of Light / Flexible

Sacred Seal: Quick Riposte / Mirror Stance / Atk/Def Solo / Fierce Stance 

  • Aurora Breath’s massive Defense and Resistance boost—alongside its negation of her foe’s follow-up attack—during the Enemy Phase complement Seiros’ base statline incredibly well, and make running a purely defensive set a rather attractive option for general usage outside Aether Raids. Besides a +ATK IV, taking +DEF or +RES also work to reduce the damage she takes even more. 
  • Taking a healing Special is highly recommended to supplement her tanking ability with a consistent source of sustain, allowing her to easily maintain high levels of HP. Sol is generally ideal as the activation of its timing will tend to work out the best with most skills, but Noontime is a potential option if New Year Velouria, Infantry Breath, or Time’s Pulse is available for immediate activations on each counterattack. 
  • Distant Counter is crucial to maximize the legendary saint’s versatility through the ability to counterattack regardless of range, allowing her to check a much wider breadth of foes. 
  • Seiros has a few choices for her B slot, with the primary choices being Dragon Wall and Dragon’s Ire; the former offers much greater survivability through its damage reduction, but the latter is essentially a significantly stronger Quick Riposte that innately breaks through Impact-esque skills. Special Spiral is also an option to activate Sol on every counterattack in an OHKO-oriented build. 
  • Smoke skills innately benefit a defensive playstyle wonderfully and thus make for a welcome addition to Seiros’ build here, though she’ll only really get use out of Atk Smoke or Res Smoke. Time’s Pulse is also a consideration if aiming to use Noontime, or her Wings of Light if using other Mythics on the team. The Quick Riposte Sacred Seal (if not using Dragon’s Ire) or any that build on her key stats work well here. 

Will of the Goddess (Player Phase Focus)

Build by lordhelpme
Aurora Breath A Mirror Impact
Positional Assist B Null Follow-Up 3
Alternate: Lull Atk/Res 3
Alternate: Glacies
C Res Smoke 3
Alternate: Wings of Light

 +ATK / -SPD

SHeavy Blade 3
Alternate: Mirror Strike 2

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Weapon: Aurora Breath

Assist: Positional Assist / Flexible

Special: Iceberg / Glacies 

Passive A: Mirror Impact 

Passive B: Null Follow-Up / Lull Atk/Res / Dragon Wall

Passive C: Smoke Skills / Joint Drive Skills / Time’s Pulse / Flexible

Sacred Seal: Heavy Blade / Mirror Strike / Death Blow / Atk/Def Solo 

  • Alternatively, Seiros can focus on the substantial Attack boost and guaranteed follow-up she obtains upon initiating and invest fully into her Player Phase performance. Since the focus here will be ramping up her damage as much as possible, a +ATK IV is preferred over all else. 
  • Iceberg is a strong Special choice that combos well with Aurora Breath’s effect and the Heavy Blade Sacred Seal, enabling Seiros to potentially activate it in every engagement; this allows for strong and consistent damage. Should greater burst be preferred, her native Glacies is an option but its activation rate is rather inconsistent. 
  • Mirror Impact once again prevails as Seiros’ ideal A skill, aiding her offensive prowess—it even helps improve her Iceberg/Glacies damage—while offering a solid degree of safety when initiating. Her B skill should similarly assist the power of her initiations, with some choices being Null Follow-Up to ensure her follow-up attack and Lull Atk/Res to break through enemy bonuses. Dragon Wall may be useful to safeguard her longevity. 
  • Once again, Seiros’ choice of C slot isn’t particularly important and can be filled by pretty much anything that benefits her team, such as her default Wings of Light. That being said, Smoke skills are always solid when provided with refresher support and Time’s Pulse assists her damage by hastening her Special activation. Any Attack-boosting Sacred Seal available is recommended.


Aurora Breath

The legendary saint’s exclusive Aurora Breath packs a serious punch through its dual phase functionality, providing a guaranteed follow-up attack upon initiating and denying that of her opponent upon being attacked alongside accompanying stat boosts. This combination enables Seiros to constantly maintain a strong advantage over opposing foes—and without the assistance of skills like Null Follow-Up, dealing with her can prove quite difficult. 

Exceptional Attack & Defensive Statline

Boasting fantastic Attack, Defense, and Resistance, Seiros hits extremely hard—especially against ranged opponents due to adaptive damage—while remaining rather durable to both physical and magical damage. Her statline was undoubtedly tailored to make the greatest use of her Aurora Breath’s varied effects and very much succeeds in doing so. 

Wings of Light

Her unique C skill, Wings of Light, provides solid buffing support to fellow Mythical allies and grants them mapwide stat boosts that progressively become stronger with each passing turn, up to the fifth turn. Although the value you get out of this skill will vary depending on the other Mythical Heroes available on-hand (and it’s not necessarily required for every build), Wings of Light ultimately remains a solid addition to Seiros’ already well-rounded skill set. 

Infantry Strengths

Seiros greatly benefits from her infantry status due to the impressive skill variety it lends her (such as Time’s Pulse, Lull Atk/Res, and her native Mirror Impact), which in turn allows her to fully capitalize on Aurora Breath’s flexibility with greater ease compared to her mounted counterparts. 

Anima Mythical Hero

Being an Anima Mythical Hero provides numerous benefits simply for slotting Seiros into your Aether Raids Defense team, including a considerable decrease one’s potential Lift loss and special stat boosts to any ally equipped with an Anima Blessing—not to mention her own contribution to the team in the form of her great damage, excellent durability, and further boosts for other Mythics.

Most importantly, however, is the fact that Seiros also comes with the ability to open a seventh slot in your Defense team during Anima season—which is, needless to say, highly valuable even with the restriction of the additional unit being treated as though they already acted. Overall, the Saint of Legend certainly fits well in her role as a defensive Mythic.


Abysmal Speed

Seiros’ most glaring weakness is her atrocious base Speed; at a base value of 18, she is entirely reliant on her Aurora Breath and complementary skills to both perform and avoid follow-up skills as she is far too slow on her own. As such, any opponent with the means of breaking through such effects—most glaringly units with Null Follow-Up—will quickly neuter much of her actual combat effectiveness. 

Dragon Weakness

Being a dragonstone wielder places Seiros at the mercy of the plethora of dragon-effective damage sources currently available in the game. Although this isn’t really that big of an issue given her massive bulk and multiple methods of avoiding follow-up attacks, it can be somewhat problematic given Naga’s status as an Astra Mythical Hero (meaning their seasons directly coincide), who can impart dragon effective damage to allies via Divine Fang.

Weapon Skills

Weapons SP Rng. Mt.
Fire Breath
Learns by default at 1 ★
Unlocks at 1 ★
Only inheritable by Dragon units.
50 1 6
Fire Breath+
Learns by default at 3 ★
Unlocks at 2 ★
Only inheritable by Dragon units.
100 1 8
Learns by default at 4 ★
Unlocks at 3 ★
Only inheritable by Dragon units.
200 1 11
Aurora Breath

Grants Atk+3. If unit initiates combat, grants Atk+6 to unit during combat and unit makes a guaranteed follow-up attack. If foe initiates combat, grants Def/Res+6 during combat and foe cannot make a follow-up attack. If foe's Range = 2, calculates damage using the lower of foe's Def or Res.

Learns by default at 5 ★
Unlocks at 5 ★
Non-Inheritable skill.
400 1 16
Available Rearmed Weapons
Arcane Grima
Weapon Evolution
Weapon Upgrades
Weapon Upgrades

Special Skills

Special Skills SP Turns
Chilling Wind

Boosts damage dealt by 50% of unit's Res.

Non-inheritable by Staff-wielding units.
100 4

Boosts damage dealt by 80% of unit's Res.

Non-inheritable by Staff-wielding units.
200 4

Passive Skills

Passive Skills SP Slot
Warding Blow 1

Grants Res+2 during combat if unit initiates the attack.

Non-inheritable by Staff-wielding units.
Mirror Strike 1

If unit initiates combat, grants Atk/Res+2 during combat.

Non-inheritable by Staff-wielding units.
Mirror Strike 2

If unit initiates combat, grants Atk/Res+4 during combat.

Non-inheritable by Staff-wielding units.
Mirror Impact

If unit initiates combat, grants Atk+6, Res+10 during combat and foe cannot make a follow-up attack.

Excludes Armor, Cavalry, and Staff Units
Dragon Wall 1

If unit's Res > foe's Res, reduces damage from attacks during combat and from area-of-effect Specials (excluding Røkkr area-of-effect Specials) by percentage = difference between stats × 2 (max 20%).

Only inheritable by Dragon units.
Dragon Wall 2

If unit's Res > foe's Res, reduces damage from attacks during combat and from area-of-effect Specials (excluding Røkkr area-of-effect Specials) by percentage = difference between stats × 3 (max 30%).

Only inheritable by Dragon units.
Dragon Wall 3

If unit's Res > foe's Res, reduces damage from attacks during combat and from area-of-effect Specials (excluding Røkkr area-of-effect Specials) by percentage = difference between stats × 4 (max 40%).

Only inheritable by Dragon units.
Wings of Light

Grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+2+X to ally Mythic Heroes during combat in turns 1 through 5 (X = turn number). (Excludes unit.)  (Effect only active if team includes three or fewer Mythic Heroes, including unit.)

Non-Inheritable skill.

Other Info

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

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