Special Spiral 3


If Special triggers before or during combat, grants Special cooldown count-2 after combat.

Inheritable Restrictions?

Skillsets that use skill

Base Kit Folly (Enemy Phase)

iKarla, the 2021+ Reboot (Special Spiral / Sustain Focus)

Vassal of the Blue (Base Skills / Special Spiral / Damage Focus)

Shiro's Private Lessons At Work (Double-Hit Nuke / Ninja Naginata + Special Spiral)

When the Dad Jokes Come a-Boomin' (Near Save Tank)

it’s actually coral blue #5 (Special Activation Focus)

King of- Is This Getting Old Yet? (Enemy Phase)

Glint of Verdant Guidance (AoE Special Activation)

Frigid Spiral (Enemy Phase One-Shot)

Do you really think I'd lose? (Special Spiral)

Friend of the Wind (AoE Sweeper)

New Year Doge, Nay Olde Tricks (One-Hit Special, Spiral Edition)