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Below are some frequently asked questions for Wizards Unite’s gameplay.

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How do I download game assets and how much space is needed?

Downloading Assets

  • Go to Suitcase
  • Go to Settings (top left)
  • Scroll down to Download All Assets and click on it

To download all assets (from the base release version of Wizards Unite), a total of 3300.00MB free space is required.

How do I logout of my account in Wizards Unite?

Four steps:

1) Go to Suitcase.

2) Go to Settings.

3) Click HELP/LEGAL at the bottom right.

4) Click the SIGN OUT button.

How do I get more Spell Energy?

  • Visit Inns (refresh once every 5 minutes). * There are reports that Inns in more dense areas give less energy on average. However, based on the latest update (6/21/19), this may be changing so more energy is given even from Inns in dense areas.
  • Complete Daily Assignments (Pick up 1 Ingredient/Portmanteau on the map) = 5 Spell Energy per day. UPDATE: this task now gives +10 Spell Energy.
  • Spending Gold (+50 Spell Energy costs 100 Gold in the shop).
  • Visit Greenhouses (Spell Energy is a possible drop from Greenhouses, but is not guaranteed). Greenhouses can drop 4 Spell Energy.

How is Spell Score (Fair/Good/Great/Excellent) determined?

In a very qualitative sense, spell score is determined by a combination of your spell tracing speed and your accuracy.

Spell score appears to be calculated in two steps:

  1. The spell score bar drains quickly the moment you put your finger down to cast a spell. The longer it takes to cast a spell, the lower the initial score.
  2. After completing the cast, if the spell succeeds, the spell score bar refills based on the accuracy of the cast. The final position of the score bar determines your spell score.

The color of the trace provides the player with some information on how accurately the spell was cast (ranging from a light orange color meaning poor, to green meaning highly accurate). As more information is known, updates will be made.

Greenhouses: Where do I find Water?

Water is a world map item! They can be collected from the map by clicking on them. They randomly spawn on the world map as the player walks around, and when picked up, will come in stacks of 5.


How do I aim at enemies in Fortress Encounters?

Press & drag the wand at the bottom of the screen, NOT on the enemy target! A common mistake is to try to click directly on the enemy target that shows up on the screen. The wand aiming mechanism only appears if you press the wand on the bottom half of the screen.


Can I unlock Portmanteaus without the Wizards Unite App open?

No, not as of now.

Unlike Pokemon GO, Wizards Unite currently does not have an "Adventure Sync" option which allows the app to keep track of distance traveled to count towards unlocking Portmanteaus while the app is off. The app must be open for distance traveled to be counted.

What is the level cap? How much XP is needed?

The current level cap encoded in the game data files is Lvl60, with 17,608,500 cumulative XP required to reach Lvl60.

A full guide with more detail about XP required for each level can be found here!

What do friends do in Wizards Unite?

Currently in Wizards Unite, Friends come into play during Wizarding Challenges. Clearing a Fortress room with friends will grant EXP bonuses at the end!

Word of Caution: Your profile picture is visible to all your friends! If you have your face as your profile image and are uncomfortable with sharing your image with random people, avoid giving out your friend code to people you don't know (or change your profile image).

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