Food and Inns Spell Energy Gain Guide

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Inns are the primary method of obtaining energy for free in Wizards Unite, but there are a couple of factors that affect Energy Gain:

  • Location Inn Density
  • Food

How to Dine at Inns

Dining at Inns is very, very important to the gameplay of Wizards Unite. Thankfully, it's also extremely simple!

When you enter an Inn, you'll see 5 dishes displayed. You don't get to directly choose what dish you eat. Instead, you complete the simple Spell Trace displayed under the food, and one of the dishes will randomly be served to you, replenishing 3-10 Spell Energy depending on what the dish was. 

Every time you dine at an Inn, there's a chance you'll receive a Gift Box that you can send to another player in your Friends List. When opened, it will gift the recipient 2-13 Spell Energy.

Location Inn Density

Inns, Greenhouses, and Fortresses are less dense in rural areas compared to urban areas. Wizards Unite balanced gameplay somewhat by giving Players in rural areas a higher chance of pulling high energy foods and urban Players higher chance of pulling low energy foods.

Food Energy Gain

3 5 6 7 10

Time Saving Tip for Inns

After completing the spell trace at an Inn, you can immediately exit out of the Inn and still get the Energy from the food you would have obtained.

This can save time since you don't have to wait for the full animation of the food revealing itself and energy popping up to play out.

So long as an Inn on the Overworld map shows smoke coming from its Chimney, the Wizards Unite servers have recognized that you have obtained Spell Energy from that Inn and it should be added to your Energy count.

Spell Accuracy & Energy Gains

There have been rumors among the community about Spell tracing accuracy affecting which type of food you get from an Inn's five options. 

Through preliminary accounts, the consensus seems to be that the accuracy of the Inn spell does not affect the type of food you get, and it is always randomly selected among the five types of food shown to you initially.

While updates will be made as more information is known, this seems to make sense.

Spell traces in Inns aren't color coded for accuracy like they are in Trace Encounters and often times, all five Food options are the same.

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