Fortress Combat and Wizarding Challenge Guide

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fortressAs discussed in the Overworld Map Guide, Fortresses are where Players actually experience the bulk of Wizards Unite Combat and complete Wizarding Challenges. They are easily visible on the Overworld Map. 

Tip: Players sometimes ask about a particle effect called 'Fortress glow'. If you see a glowing Fortress, it means someone is currently or recently has been engaged in a Wizarding Challenge at that Fortress. Look around; you might meet a fellow wizard!

Exploration and Challenge Foundables can be dropped in Fortress Raids.

Entering a Fortress Chamber

Fortresses currently have 20 levels, called Chambers. As you complete each Chamber, you’ll unlock new ones, each more challenging than the next. These unlocked levels are retained even when visiting new Fortresses, so you won’t need to keep repeating the easiest Chambers at every Fortress you encounter.

To enter a Fortress Chamber, players will need a special resource called Runestones. Each Wizarding Challenge uses up one Runestone, so be sure to keep stocked up on Runestones. Players can receive Runestones from Gift Boxes sent to them by another player. Gift Boxes can be found at Inns, Greenhouses, and Fortresses, but only Gift Boxes found in Fortresses will contain Runestones.

Runestone Level

The family and level of each Runestone affect the Wizarding Challenge and rewards in a number of ways. First, the level of the Runestone impacts the difficulty of the Challenge, starting at level 1 as the easiest and slightly increasing each level.

Using a higher level Runestone will also increase the rewards (XP and Challenge Fragments) received for successfully completing the Challenge. Currently, the highest level Runestones are level 5, though the game files include Runestones all the way up to level 10.

Runestone Family

The family of the Runestone determines the possible bonus fragment and family XP players can earn. For example, using a Hogwarts School Runestone means that the player has a chance at receiving a fragment of something from the Hogwarts School Registry, such as Hogwarts House Cup.

If the player gets a bonus fragment, they will also receive the corresponding family XP. This bonus fragment and family XP is not guaranteed, however.

Example Fortress Rewards

Strategic Spells

Strategic Spells are a special kind of spell players can unlock in their Profession Skill Trees. They include Charms, which buff the player and/or their teammates, and Hexes, which debuff Foes.

Each Profession has four Strategic Spells they can unlock and power up. Players can only access the ones they have unlocked for their current profession.

Most Strategic Spells require Focus to cast. Focus can be earned by defeating Foes in the Challenge or by using Invigoration Draughts. Players can also increase their initial Focus and maximum Focus through their Skill Trees.

charms and hexes

Targeting for a Spell

Casting a Combat Spell first requires focusing on the Enemy by matching the Player’s Glyph over that of the Enemy’s for a certain amount of time. Some Enemies, like Pixies, move around a lot and can cause Players to miss their opportunity to attack and thus have to defend themselves against the Enemy with Protego.

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To aim your wand, you must click and drag over the wand on the bottom half of the screen, which will bring up an aiming reticule that must be aligned with the enemy's targeting circle.

Combat targeting


Protego is a fairly simple quick time event style Spell like the rest, but if it’s not performed fast enough, the Foe could inflict tons of Damage.

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However, Protego only reduces the total amount of damage taken. The effectiveness of Protego can be increased via the player’s Skill Tree.


This further increases the need to stock up on Healing Potions before attempting the higher level Chambers.

Critical Hits

For new players, a Critical Hit is a rare cast that does more damage than usual. As players progress through their respective skill trees, they can increase both the chance of a Critical Hit as well as the damage bonus from performing one.

As discussed in the Combat Damage Formula article, the chances of a critical hit are exactly equal to the Precision stat (starts at 5%), and the damage is increased by Critical Power (starts at 50% damage boost). 

In other words, to get more and better Critical Hits, just increase your Precision and Critical Power via the Profession Skill Tree.


Some Enemies can Dodge attacks to avoid taking Damage entirely. Certain Foes in particular are Evasive, meaning they will dodge more often. This is displayed to players as an icon just below the Foe’s health bar while in battle.


Increasing Accuracy via the Skill Tree can help reduce the chances of a Foe dodging attacks.

How Combat Damage is Calculated

Fortress combat is calculated using player and Foe’s individual stats, as well as any buffs or debuffs from potions and Strategic Spells. Players can increase their stats via their Profession Skill Tree.

A full explanation of the damage calculation for encounters can be found in the Combat Damage Formula article.

Playing with Friends vs. Playing Solo

There’s power in numbers, especially in harder levels. Enemies will often have advantages or disadvantages over a particular profession, so it can be good to go as a group where players can compensate for each other’s situational weaknesses. 

Playing in a group also offers a scaling bonus to Wizarding XP and Challenge XP for each additional player, up to 5. Last but not least, encountering more Foes means more chances to get specific enemies needed for certain Event Tasks or SOS Assignment Tasks.

However, playing in groups also significantly increases the overall difficulty of the Challenge, so good communication and coordination is essential.

It is also important to choose a chamber that will match the overall Profession Grades of the players. If there is a significant difference between players’, the highest Grade players will need to be ready to take on a larger portion of the fighting.

Fortress lobby with four players

Profession Skills

Of course, to advance through Fortresses, players will not only need practice but also scrolls, spell books, and restricted section books to advance through their skill trees.

Scrolls can be acquired from daily rewards and ranking up Exploration registry families. XP for those can primarily be earned through Traces and Portkeys.

Spell books can be acquired from some daily login bonuses and ranking up the Challenge registry. Challenge XP is primarily earned from Fortresses, though it is possible to earn some Challenge XP from Portkeys as well.

Finally, restricted section books can only be earned by completing tasks during special events. Check out the Brilliant Guide for general tips on how to complete these events and keep an eye out for guides for the each Brilliant event.

Once you've earned all those, check out the Profession Skill Trees to figure out where to spend your hard-earn scrolls and books.

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