Landmarks Guide

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What Are These Things?

As you walk around the overworld in Wizards Unite, you may notice some flagpoles with little pennants hanging from them. These flags mark the location of what’s known as Landmarks, special areas that will be a big help in filling out your Registry. The rest of this guide will be not only tell you what Landmarks do, but how you can make the most of them.

A Landmark next to a Fortress

A Dark Arts Landmark and a Fortress located in a shopping center as it appears in the overworld map.

What Do Landmarks Do?

Simply put Landmarks are areas that have an increased spawn rate for certain families of Foundables. When you see the flagpole marking where the Landmark, pay attention to the icon on the pennant because it shows which family of Foundables will be spawning in more often; don’t worry if you don’t know the Registry Family icons by heart, tapping on the flagpole will prompt a banner to tell you which family you’ll be encountering. The banner message will also tell you about the increased spawn rate, and the Landmark’s area will be highlighted so you know the limits of the upped spawn area.

An in-game screenshot of a Landmark.

When you tap on a Landmark, this message appears and the Landmark's area is highlighted.

As far as we can tell, there’s no set formula for where Landmarks are set. Around my area there are two Landmarks, one around a Fortress in a nearby shopping center, and one in the middle of a residential neighborhood with nothing around, no inns, greenhouses, or Fortresses. Since Landmarks can be set up anywhere, be respectful of the given area while playing; it might be the last Boggart Cabinet you need, but people might not be super jazzed to find you walking through their back yard.

A highlighted Landmark.

A Wonders of the Wizarding World Landmark in a residential neighborhood.

How to Make the Most of Them

The increased spawn rates around Landmarks are extremely helpful, especially if there’s one Registry Family that you’re having trouble finding in your normal gameplay. Even if you’re Registry is in good shape, Landmarks are good places to grind out some experience and Runestones for Fortresses and Wizarding Challenges. 

To get all the goody you can out of Landmarks, it’s best to have a stockpile of Tonics for Trace Detection and Baruffio’s Brain Elixers. Both of these potions have a duration of 30 minutes and stack well with each other. Landmarks may not increase the overall spawn rate of Foundables, just skewing the preexisting spawn rate to a given family, but Tonic for Trace Detection does. Combine that increased spawn rate with the XP boost from the Brain Elixer, and you’ll be able to go up a couple of levels, or make a lot of progress towards a higher level. The potions’ 30 minute durations gives you enough time to make some serious progress, but isn’t so long that you’d have to take serious time out of your day to make the most of it.


Landmarks are a good way to fill out your Registry, especially if you’re missing Foundables from a specific family, like I am with Dark Arts. They’re great grinding spots too, especially if they’re near Inns to refill your Spell Energy, Greenhouses to get more ingredients for the potions mentioned above, or Fortresses to use the Runestones you’ll be getting from returning all those Foundables. If you’ve got half an hour to spare, then Landmarks are a great place to set up shop, get some good XP, and fight the Calamity.