Greenhouse and Growing Guide

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Greenhouses are one of the main resources in Wizards Unite. You can find them on the main Overworld map, and they allow you to collect Potion ingredients as well as use Seeds and Water in the Growing system. Update: As of Update 2.5.0, they will always give out Spell Energy as a reward in addition to the ingredients! Update: As of Update 2.7.0 players have a chance to receive a Gift Box that will contain Potion Ingredients when gifted to another player.

Greenhouse View
Left: A Greenhouse as seen on the map
Right: Choosing a reward to collect inside 

Using Greenhouses

The most straightforward use for Greenhouses is to visit them to collect Potion Ingredients, which can be done every 5 minutes. All you have to do is pick a pot to pull a plant from! You can get some pretty handy components this way, especially if you aren't having much luck finding the Ingredients you need lying around on the Overworld. If you're lucky, you can even get some Spell Energy! Though still relatively rare as a reward, the chance of getting Spell Energy was increased in a post-launch update, and so was the amount (previously 2 Spell Energy, increased to 4 after the update). 

Growing System

Update 2.0.1 introduced a new use for Greenhouses by allowing you to use Seeds and Water found on the map for growing plants to use as Potion ingredients, and even let you collaborate with friends and other wizards and witches nearby to garden together! Greenhouses that are currently in the process of Growing something will have green, swirly particles around them. 

The system itself is very simple, with just a few easy steps to follow:

  • Pick a Pot
    • Pots are freely available for anyone near the Greenhouse to use if they're empty
    • If you're willing to pay some in-game currency, you can use a Rental Pot instead
    • Rental Pots come with all the required ingredients, plus reduced time to grow!
  • Choose a Plant
    • Based on what ingredients you have, choose what you want to growGreenhouse Growing
  • Wait
    • Plants take varying amounts of time to grow, so you can leave and come back once their timer finishes
    • While you wait, you can cast the Herbivicus Spell to increase the eventual harvest
    • Multiple wizards can cast the Spell on plants that are growing, and it stacks - the rewards will increase further with each castCasting Herbivicus
  • Claim your Harvest
    • Once the plant finishes growing, it appears on the map for you to collect
    • Everyone can get the full yield - you're working together!
    • However, you have 30 minutes to collect your rewards before they disappear!

That's all there is to it - quick, simple, but still very handy. Now you know everything you need to know about Wizards Unite Greenhouses and Growing - get out there, collect, and Grow with your fellow wizards and witches!

Seeds List

Seed Grow Time # Collected from Map Water Required

Alihotsy Seed

Yield: Alihotsy
5 min 1 1
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