Invitations and Gnomes

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Gnomes and Invitations and Yule Balls, Oh My!

As the first week of the Christmas Calamity continues, there’s been a couple points of the event that have created some confusion as far as what they mean and how they work in game. Parts of the Brilliant event tasks have requirements like “collect X number of Yule Ball Invitations from Inns/Greenhouses/Fortresses” or “collect X number of Yule Ball Invitations from Gnome Confoundables”. To clear up some of this confusion, this guide will explain what each of those mean and clarify what the Invitations do and what is meant by “Gnome Confoundables”.


A Gnome Confoundable is when you have to fend off a pair of gnomes to return the Foundable they’re harassing. Most Gnome Confoundables need to be stopped either by Ebulbio or Flippendo, so be sure that you’ve got those traces down.

Gnome Confoundables messing with an Acromantula Egg.

When you see these two little stinkers around, you've found a Gnome Confoundable

These two little hooligans are a pretty common sight as they show up in some of the more common Trace Encounters. The full list of Gnome Confoundables is as follows:


When you harvest ingredients from a Greenhouse, dine at an Inn, complete a Fortress, or defeat a Gnome Confoundable, you can receive an invitation to the Yule Ball along with your potion ingredients, Spell Energy, Runestones, gift boxes, and Foundable fragments.

An invitation to the Yule Ball

How the Yule Ball Invitations appear on the Inn, Greenhouse, Fortress, and Foundable rewards screen.

These invitations don’t have any function in-game other than to count towards these tasks, so don’t worry about keeping track of them once you’ve collected enough.


So there you have it, a quick clarification on what Invitations and Gnome Confoundables are, what they’re for, and where you can find them. Week 1 of the Christmas Calamity Brilliant Event  lasts until 11:00 AM Pacific Time (19:00 UTC) on Tuesday, December 10th, so there’s still plenty of time to rustle up enough gnomes and invitations!

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