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What do friends do in Wizards Unite?

Currently, Friends in Wizards Unite do not enable any special features. However, future updates may change this!

Word of Caution: Your profile picture is visible to all your friends! If you have your face as your profile image and are uncomfortable with sharing your image with random people, avoid giving out your friend code to people you don't know (or change your profile image).

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@fmigueld wrote:

Add me 0459 2184 6808 Spain


@fmigueld wrote:

Please add me 3717 3575 9844 Getafe, Spain


@Beckanai wrote:

Hi there! My other half and I play daily, we’re from Berwick, Pennsylvania. Would he neat to find some new people to play…


@Allycat wrote:

I’m no. 3310 4798 8492. Please add! :) (Oregon, USA)


@Wikcky wrote:

5163 4424 0468 The Netherlands


@Deej wrote:

2238 3705 6579
Tennessee (USA)

Active player here. Cleaning up friends list!


@3Lewis3 wrote:

4606 0188 8243
MT / ZA Slovakia