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What do friends do in Wizards Unite?

Currently, Friends in Wizards Unite do not enable any special features. However, future updates may change this!

Word of Caution: Your profile picture is visible to all your friends! If you have your face as your profile image and are uncomfortable with sharing your image with random people, avoid giving out your friend code to people you don't know (or change your profile image).

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@heinz1302 wrote:

0292 0995 9978


@lichenbwp wrote:

Only have Potent, Barrufio, Dawdle, Extravagant gifts. Looking to reciprocate. Avid player.

6869 8809 2660


@Lilacinmay wrote:

WU 7736 0426 0524 (MysticalCreator). An active player from Hong Kong. If you are already my friends, kindly send me…


@steveey wrote:

My code is 7840 6867 3067


@wazis wrote:

My friend play too, 8553 4596 0787, prefers energy gifts also. plays daily and she is very pretty:))


@dcteddy wrote:

Here’s my friend code
9450 4014 1068
Toronto Canada


@wazis wrote:

0487 1142 4360, relatively new player have plenty gifts to send:) play daily prefer energy gifts


@jenniotte wrote:

6568 5181 0783

France / Dubai + lots of traveling

Will send gifts :D