Mysteries Chapter 1 - Grim Fawley - Motives

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Mathilda Grimblehawk

Mathilda Grimblehawk: A Magizoologist working in the Department of the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. First appeared in Fantastic Beasts: Cases from the Wizarding World.

Ron Weasley

Ron Weasley: Proprietor of the popular joke shop Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes. A former Auror and Harry Potter's best friend. 

Daily Prophet Clipping

Daily Prophet Clipping

An issue of the Daily Prophet, regarding the Ministry's decision to end its investigation into the London Five:\n\n“After failing to come up with any evidence regarding the London Five, the Ministry has shuttered the investigation, leaving families of the missing distraught. Surely an investigation helmed by the famous Harry Potter should have been able to find something?”

It had gone on for months, with no results. A lot of people thought it was time to try different avenues.
There was no trace of them. No leads... Poor Harry had tried everything - even borrowed some of my creatures.
Penelope was a good friend to me... But even I had to admit, it was time for the investigation to end.

Ministry Memos - Shard 1

Ministry Memos

A collection of memos filed with the Ministry of Magic.

A memo from Grim Fawley, addressed to Harry Potter:

"'ve never asked anything of you before. But this is Penelope. If you aren't willing to bend the rules for yourself, then do it for her. Harry, I'm begging you. She's out there. I know it. Please."

Grim started as a researcher - that's where he met Penelope. He was quiet, but had a wicked sense of humour.
But when she went missing he changed... I think a piece of him broke.
In this letter he was asking me to break Ministry protocol - to break the law. I wasn't willing to do that.

Ministry Memos - Shard 2

Ministry Memos

A collection of memos filed with the Ministry of Magic.

A memo addressed to Gareth Greengrass from Grim Fawley:

"You promised me you'd do everything in your power to find Penelope. 'No expese spared', you said. But the council's closed the investigation. You're on the bloody council! Please, convince them to re-open the investigation. If not for me, then for Nel."

I broke the news to Grim about the investigation's closure about an hour before it was public. He did not take it well.
Honestly, it hurt me. I saw Penelope as something of a daughter... She was smart, ambitious, stubborn... Delightful.
Her disappearance nearly destroyed me with grief, but it had been years.

Ministry Memos - Shard 3

Ministry Memos

A collection of memos filed with the Ministry of Magic.

A Ministry memo addressed to Harry Potter, from Grim Fawley:

"Potter, My request to obtain my wife's file has been denied. It is my right to have access to that information. Is this how your Department treats its fellow Aurors? Ignore they even existed? Barring a grieving husband from the closure he deserves is low, even for you, Potter."

Grim couldn't leave it alone. He blamed me for the investigation's failure... And he had a point...
You did the best you could, Harry.
It wasn't good enough, was it? Regardless, the whole investigation became very political.
The files he wanted have been sealed by decree and kept from everyone.

Ministry Memos - Shard 4

Ministry Memos

A collection of memos filed with the Ministry of Magic.

A note from Gareth Greengrass, addressed to Grim Fawley:

"Grim, I've put in a recommendation that you take time off from work. No one is expecting you to go about your day as if nothing has happened. You need time to grieve. We all do. You know Penelope would want you to take care of yourself, for the kids. -Gareth."

I had to go to the Minister myself to get Grim's leave of absense approved. But it had to be done.
His grief was causing problems at work. I was fielding complaints.
I had hoped the time off would let him grieve. Help him heal.
Apparently it just gave him more time to focus on his obsession.

Ministry Memos - Shard 5

Ministry Memos

A collection of memos filed with the Ministry of Magic.

Filed with the Accounting Department, a memo written by Grim:

"...that budgetary concerns were the reason behind closing the 'London Five' investigation. As you can see in the attached, itemized list, the cited reason does not correlate to the actual spending costs. Is this just intentional or accidental stupidity?" No reply to the memo was sent.

There were many unseen reasons that the council took into account before we made our decision.
Grim Fawley attempted to appeal the council's ruling eight different times. Eight!
And each time there was a new reason, a new conspiracy...
Not quite the kind of temperament we expect from an Unspeakable, I'm afraid.

Grim's Grief

Grim's Grief

A page of Grim's neatly kept journal:\n\n“Melody has your nose. I never noticed it before now, but tonight I came home and realized. And I know you said Addison takes after me, but I swear he has your stubbornness.”\n\nThere's a water stain on the page, some letters smudged.\n\n“I'm going to bring you home, Nel. Even if it kills me. Our kids will not grow up like I did.”

I knew Grim. I worked with him when he first joined the Ministry. Brilliant lad, shy but he had a wit about him. We got on well.
When I heard Penelope went missing I was there in case he needed anything... But he had changed a bit...
He was dark. Humourless. Just wanted to talk about the search for his wife and complain about the investigation. We had a falling out.
The Grim Fawley I knew couldn't have caused the Calamity, but that Grim? He wasn't someone I knew.

Penelope’s Scarf

Penelope's Scarf

An old scarf in Slytherin's House colours. The edges are frayed and tattered, and there are several holes in the scarf.

This was Penelope's scarf. After she went missing, Grim would wear it everyday. Even in the summer.
I always found it a bit sad. He missed her so much...
But it also started feeling a bit pathetic, if I'm honest.

Penelope's Wand

Penelope's Wand

The wand is willow, twelve and a half inches long with a dragon heartstring core. There's a large, spindling crack down the middle.

That's Penelope Fawley's wand. It was the only thing that was left behind after her disappearance.
She was an incredibly skilled Auror. One of the best I've ever seen.
When we found out that Penelope was one of the Five that went missing... it didn't seem possible that anyone could catch her off guard.