Mysteries Chapter 1 - The Foundables Spell

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New Featured Characters

Constance Pickering

Constance Pickering: Formerly a Junior Undersecretary at the Ministry of Magic, before being approached by Hermione Granger to set up and lead the Statute of Secrecy Task Force. 

Sage Bragnam

Sage Bragnam: Head Curator of the Department of Magical Artefacts and a historian of magic. First appeared in Fantastic Beasts: Cases from the Wizarding World.

Gareth Greengrass

Gareth Greengrass: A Senior Unspeakable at the Department of Mysteries, and one of the members of the council overseeing the investigation into the disappearance of the London 5.

Gethsemane Prickle

Gethsemane Prickle: Head of the Department of the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Tried to warn Harry Potter of her suspicions regarding Penelope Fawley. First appeared in Fantastic Beasts: Cases from the Wizarding World.

Myra Curio

Myra Curio: Officer at the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office who works with Auror candidates on the Statute of Secrecy Task Force to improve their spell casting. First appeared in Fantastic Beasts: Cases from the Wizarding World.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter: An Auror at the Department of Magical Law Enforcement who was in charge of the investigation into the disappearance of the London 5. You know who this is. 

Magic Tome

Magical Tome

An ancient, dusty tome, hand stitched together and covered in stiff, worn leather. Its contents are written, arcane, faded runes. There are pages ripped from the centre of the book.

My word. This is an extraordinary book. See how it's been bound by hand? These spells are centuries old.
Do you think this might be where Grim Fawley discovered the Foundables Spell?
It's impossible to be sure - there's an entire section of this book that's been ripped out. But, it cannot be ruled out.

Daily Prophet

Daily Prophet

A clipping from a very old edition of the Daily Prophet:\n\n“The victim, Hamish Steed, was under Ministry protection at the time of Flannery's murderous rampage. After several hours of interrogation, Flannery admitted that he used an ancient spell to track down his greatest desire - which happened to be the location of the late Steed”.

Someone really used a spell to track down their murder victim?
That seems impossible! And one must not forget that the Prophet has a long history of exaggeration.
Funny, we keep records of all their issues, but this one appears to be missing from our archives.

Ministry Memos - Shard 1

Ministry Memos

A file of memos from the Ministry of Magic.

A memo from Grim Fawley addressed to Gareth Greengrass, requesting access to the Love Room within the Department of Mysteries. The request was granted.

Yes, I remember this. Prior to his wife's disappearance, Grim never showed an interest in the Love Room.
Poor man, he was completely beside himself when Penelope went missing.
After his wife disappeared with the rest of the London Five, right?
Yes. Dreadful thing, what happened to her.

Ministry Memos - Shard 2

Ministry Memos

A file of memos from the Ministry of Magic.

An order form from Grim Fawley to the Ministry of Magic Remittance Office, requesting a number of Potion ingredients, including Baneberry, Jobberknoll Feathers, and Unicorn Hair.

Hmph. Shows what Mr. Fawley knew. There's no known Potion that uses all of these ingredients.
Is it possible that Grim was trying to create his own Potion? Something completely new?
Invent his own Potion? Grim Fawley?? Hogwash. Potions are a delicate art. A simpleton can't just throw together whatever's in the pantry and expect results.
If Potion mastery was simple, everyone would do it.

Ministry Memos - Shard 3

Ministry Memos

A file of memos from the Ministry of Magic.

A memo from Grim Fawley, requesting the use of a Portkey. Travel destination a library in Prague. The request was approved.

Grim was extremely adamant about traveling to Prague. I never understood why he would need a Portkey. Why not just Apparate?
What happened to the Portkey?
We still have it. One never knows when one will need a quick jump to Prague.
He never told me what he was looking for in that library. Well, now we know.

Ministry Memos - Shard 4

Ministry Memos

A file of memos from the Ministry of Magic.

Request filed by Grim Fawley for an inter-library loan for an Ancient Tome.  Request denied.

Appeal Filed.

Appeal also denied.

It is unusual for a request to be rejected, but the paperwork here is so very vague...
I've never heard of this book. Some special research for the Unspeakables, perhaps?
Not to my knowledge. He shared nothing with me. Grim was very secretive...
Given that he was the obvious source of the Calamity, that is unsurprising.

Incident Report

Incident Report

An incident report filed with the Ministry of Magic. A wizarding library in Prague reports that several ancient spell books have gone missing. The librarian believes the thief was a recent visitor.

I'll eat my wand if this thief wasn't Grim Fawley. I wonder if the library has records of its visitors from the day those books went missing.
My sources in Prague tell me they did an internal investigation and have no leads.
And since the Calamity they've become extremely territorial... If they do know the thief, they aren't sharing with us.

Grim Fawley's Journal - Shard 1

Grim Fawley's Journal

A collection of entries from Grim Fawley's journal.

A journal entry written in the small, cramped handwriting of Grim Fawley:

"There's a rumour of a very old, outlawed spell meant to find what one desires most... and I may have found it. I don't believe it will bring Penelope back. Not on its own. But maybe I can combine it..."

Combining spells to bring back a love one. It's genius, in a mad sort of way. Daft, but brilliant.
I can't believe Grim would risk the entire wizarding world for just one person.
He'd lost his wife, Constance. Of course he'd do anything.

Grim Fawley's Journal - Shard 2

Grim Fawley's Journal

A collection of entries from Grim Fawley's journal.

Grim's handwriting is cramped and frantic in a page of his journal:

"don't know if it's the Love Room that's causing it, but I feel closer to you here, Nel. When I'm in here, I KNOW you're alive. It's as if you're just on the other side of the door, and all I have to do is open it. Is this spell the key?"

It's possible his mind was affected by the Love Room.
Is that room dangerous?
We cannot know. There's a reason we aren't called The Department of Things We Know Completely"..."
He spent many hours in that room. I got complaints. I can't help but feel responsible. I gave Grim permission to use the room in the first place. Maybe I should've kept a closer watch on him.

Grim Fawley's Journal - Shard 3

Grim Fawley's Journal

A collection of entries from Grim Fawley's journal.

A note written in swirling handwriting:

"Now, what would Greengrass think if I told him that his protege was skulking about the Love Room after hours? I didn't think you'd be so quick to move on... but... Your secret's safe with me. Remember to be careful, Grim. The next time it may not be me who finds you in there sleeping.


Regina Rowle is an Unspeakable. She's also, paradoxically, one of the Ministry's greatest gossips.
She's implying that he was using the Love Room to move on from Penelope. But that doesn't seem like Grim.

Grim Fawley's Journal - Shard 4

Grim Fawley's Journal

A collection of entries from Grim Fawley's journal.

An entry in Grim's journal:

"Nel. It's killing me. You always said I was stronger than I knew, but I don't know how to be strong without you. Harry told me to trust in the Aurors, but they are failing. Miserably. And they are staying so safe...

Everything is by the book. If there was something I could do... some kind of magic to bring you back, I'd use it in a heartbeat."

Grim was desperate - especially after the investigation was called off. He had all kinds of ideas.
We tried everything to track down Penelope and the other members of the London Five. Followed every lead we could.
People don't just disappear like that, there's always some explanation. But this time... there was nothing.
We're still looking for them - it's unofficial, please don't mention it - but I'll look for them until I find them.

Grim Fawley's Journal - Shard 5

Grim Fawley's Journal

A collection of entries from Grim Fawley's journal.

An entry of letters nonsensically strung together:


Written at the bottom of the page: "Remember Dinner at 8."

Oh yes! I've seen these before. It's some sort of Muggle puzzle game. You replace the letters with other letters. And find the words.
Why would Grim be using a Muggle puzzle game?
Well, it seems that he and Penelope used it with each other - he must have written this note for her.
Whatever's on it, isn't meant to be easily read, that's for certain.

Amorette Deneuve

Amorette Deneuve

A handwritten letter from Amorette Deneuve to Grim Fawley:\n\n“What makes us yearn for the comfort of others? Why does a broken heart hurt so? Love imbues itself into our very bones, our very souls. I believe that love is the greatest and most dangerous magic in the world.”\n\nAlong the margin, in cramped writing, reads: “-imbued into our very bones. Use to find her?”

Amorette Deneuve's the foremost expert on love Potions and spells. I've read all of her books - I've even got a signed copy of First Love, First Loss!
Grim used to tease me for putting my faith in such sentimental blather"."
Strange that he would contact her like this…