Fortress Team Strategy: Professor Guide

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Pomona Sprout, Filius Flitwick, Minerva McGonagall. What do they all have in common? They’re all Professors—and they all fought valiantly to protect their students and their school in the Battle of Hogwarts.

In Wizards Unite the Professor is a bit of a jack of all trades, with tricks up their sleeve for both offence and defence. With the support of their teammates, they transform into a powerhouse, reaching a total of 101 Power and over 100% Defence.

Played right, they can best any Foe with relative ease, making especially quick work of Curiosities, their area of expertise. However, Professors are also arguably the trickiest Profession to master, with complicated conditional skills that rely on their teammates. 

Strategic Spells

Like their teammates, Professors have access to four Strategic Spells: the Mending Charm, the Deterioration Hex, the Protection Charm, and the Proficiency Charm. We’ll look at each one of these in detail and give some tips on how to best use them.

Mending Charm
  • Cost: 0 Focus

  • Effect: Restores 2-4 Stamina to you or a teammate

Like the Magizoologist, Professors can use the Mending Charm to do a tiny bit of healing. While it does very little, that 2-4 Stamina can sometimes be the difference between getting knocked out or surviving long enough to deal one last blow to a Foe. At 0 Focus, it's worth quickly dragging this one onto yourself or a teammate any time you end up in the lobby.

Deterioration Hex
  • Cost: 3 Focus

  • Effect: Reduces a Foe's Stamina by 10-40 each time they attack or defend

Easily the most powerful hex in the game, the Deterioration Hex works like a poison on Foes. At its max, it typically does 80 damage each turn, regardless of Dodge or Defence. However, it's an expensive Hex, and with teammates relying on your other powerful (and expensive) Spells, you'll need to use it sparingly.

Save it for the toughest, tankiest Foes (those Elite and Fierce Foes, particularly Death Eaters and Acromantulas). Of course, if you've finished with the other two Charms below and have Focus to spare, you can be a bit more generous with your Deterioration Hexing.

Protection Charm
  • Cost: 3 Focus

  • Effect: Increases you or a teammate's Defence by 16-30%

Forget poisoning your Foes, how would you like to be completely immune from their hits? While this Charm alone won't do the trick for Professors (see Conditional Skills section below), the Protection Charm is an absolutely essential part of immunity for both Professors and Magizoologists, and it does wonders for Aurors' ability to survive more than a few hits.

As this Charm lasts the entire battle, it's typically the Professor's first priority to put the Protection Charm on each member of the team. Since you'll need up to 15 Focus to give every one of your teammates the Protection Charm, it can be a bit tricky to decide who to use it on first.

In general, Aurors are first priority because they are so fragile, Magizoologist is next (unless your team has more than one), and Professors are last. However, a wide range of factors, from team composition to playstyle, can influence this, so talk to your teammates and see what works best for all of you.

Proficiency Charm
  • Cost: 7 Focus

  • Effect: Increases entire team's Proficiency Power by 16-44%

As if Deterioration Hex and Protection Charm weren't enough, Professors have one last powerful Spell at their disposal: the Proficiency Charm. For solo play, it might seem like both expensive and anti-climatic, as it only applies to a third of the potential Foes you might fight. With a team of all three Professions, however, the Proficiency Charm goes from okay to fantastic.

For the price of a little over two Deterioration Hexes, you and your entire team can deal an extra 40 or so damage with every hit to Foes you're Proficient against—which should be the majority of Foes. It lasts the entire battle and applies to every member of the Team, so it's well worth the expense in mixed groups.

Of course, with so many ways to spend your very limited Focus, it can be hard to decide what to do first. As with the Protection Charm, this is something that varies widely from one team to the next and one Chamber to the next. Talk to your team and see what works for you.

General Notes

Mastering Professor can be tricky, and you'll be heavily reliant on your Teammates for both Focus and your conditional skills. Make sure your Auror is sharing Focus with you, and let your Magizoologist know when you're about to be knocked out so they can revive you quickly.

Your full conditional skills can only be activated with help from an Auror, and you'll need the help of their Confusion Hex to keep particularly nasty Werewolves from ripping through your Defence, too.

If you're the only Professor in a team of 5, you'll also need a staggering 22 Focus to be able to put Protection Charms and Proficiency Charm on the whole team, which you'll want to do early for maximum benefit. Aurors can help by sending you their Focus, and they can even drink Invigoration Draughts to help get the Focus for those Charms even faster.

Of course, that's not to say you don't need a Magizoologist. Their Bravery Charm is incredibly powerful for taking down Elite Foes, and it's pretty likely you'll end up needing a heal or revive at some point, as maintaining Immunity is difficult for Professors.

Conditional Skills

So about those tricky Professor conditional skills... The good news is they're actually not all that complicated once you get the hang of it. The bad news is you're the only Profession that needed multiple tables to explain how your conditional skills work. 

The basic concept of Professor conditional skills is easy enough: all nine (yes, nine) depend on what the game calls "enhancements" and "impairments". Before we get into what those are, here's a look at all of nine of those conditional skills and how they stack:

Professor Conditional Skills
Power Defence
1 Enhancement +5 +6%
2 Enhancements +12 +9%
1 Impairment +5 +6%
2 Impairments - +9%
3 Impairments +12 -
Total +34 +30%

Okay, so what's an Enhancement? What's an Impairment? They're actually relatively straight-forward: Charms, Hexes, and Potions. What gets complicated though is that the game doesn't display these in one spot, and not all Charms, Hexes, or Potions count at all times.

First, let's take a look at the easier ones: Impairments. There are currently only three Impairments in the game: Deterioration Hex, Weakness Hex, and Confusion Hex

To activate your Impairment-based conditional skills, you'll need to fight Foes with one, two, or all three of these Hexes. That's 5 Focus per Foe, which is more than your team can afford for every Foe without heavy reliance on Invigoration Draughts.

Next up we have Enhancements, and here is where things get more complicated. There are three Charms which count as Enhancements: Protection CharmProficiency Charm, and Bravery Charm.

However, these seem to only count as Enhancements when they are active. In other words, you'll need to be facing an Elite Foe in order for the Bravery Charm to count for your conditional skills.

Thankfully, there are other ways to get a second Enhancement for your conditional skills, and that is Potions. All forms of Exstimulo Potions, as well as Wit-Sharpening Potions when facing an Elite, count as an Enhancement while they're active. 

As of publishing, three other Potions also count as Enhancements:

Potion Enchancements
Baruffio's Brain Elixir 30 minutes
Tonic for Trace Detection 30 minutes
Dawdle Draught See below

Since the recent update to potions, it is now possible to start an Encounter, use a Dawdle Draught, and then complete as many Wizarding Challenges as you wish with the Dawdle counting as an Enhancement and not being used up. In other words, it's a potentially infinite Enhancement for Professors, as long as you don't complete any Traces (which would use up the Dawdle)

However, this is very likely unintended behaviour and may well be patched by the Wizards Unite team in the future. It also means that you cannot complete Traces between battles unless you use another Dawdle.

Of course, once you have Protection Charm and Proficiency Charm active, you'll have two Enchancements for the majority of Foes you fight anyway—without needing to rely on non-combat Potions.



Spending your Scrolls doesn't involve too much strategy. Just go down the tree and fill out skills where and when you can. They’re pretty easy to come by in the long run, especially during Brilliant Events, so just keep playing and returning Foundables to collect enough for your tree.

Spell Books

When it comes to spending red Spell Books, you’ll want to be a bit more thoughtful, as these books become harder to come by as you go. If you’re looking to optimise your tree for team play, here is the order we suggest, from your highest priority stats and skills to your least essential ones.

  • All Skills that cost 5 red Spell Books or fewer (50 Spell Books)

    • These skills are relatively cheap investments and worth the cost whether you play solo or in teams. 

  • Power (56 Spell Books)

  • Proficiency Power (42 Spell Books)

  • Cheap Stamina upgrades (29 Spell Books)

    • Don't worry yet about the Stamina all the way at the bottom of your tree (30 Spell Books each upgrade). 

  • Critical Power (38 Spell Books)

  • Finish Stamina (60 Spell Books)

  • Protego Power (25 Spell Books)

  • Accuracy (20 Spell Books)

    • Combined with Pesky Pixies, these upgrades will make Confusion Hex completely unnecessary on Pixies, saving your team some valuable Focus. Of course, having an Auror around for Confusion Hex means this skill is pretty low priority for Professors.

Restricted Section Books

Finally, Restricted Section Books offer some of the most useful skills for any Profession, including Professors, but they’re only available during special events.

Professors require far more of these exclusive resource than the other two Professions, which means many teams might play with Professors who are still several events from unlocking all of their conditional skills or maxing out their Strategic Spells. 

If you're looking to optimise your build for team Challenges with another Professor, you may want to specialise in different Strategic Spells while you wait to amass enough Restricted Section Books to complete your tree.

Below you'll find our suggestions for which skills to prioritise, though you may find a different order better suits your team or your own playstyle:

  • Enhanced Protection Charm (12 Restricted Section Books)

    • Save your Magizoologist Focus (so your Auror can send you more) by keeping the rest of your team alive longer. If you're splitting Spells with another Professor, just grab one upgrade to unlock the path to the skills below it. 

  • Confidence (15 Restricted Section Books)

    • This conditional skill is not the most exciting, but it blocks the path to Divinating Details, which gives you +2 Initial Focus and only costs scrolls. It's essential for getting to your powerful Strategic Spells quickly, so it's worth getting early.

  • One upgrade of Perfected Proficiency Charm (4 Restricted Section Books)
    • Locked behind this skill is a whopping 77% Proficiency Power. That's more than half of all your possible Proficiency Power, and no Restricted Books are going to stand in your way.
  • One upgrade of Improved Deterioration Hex (4 Restricted Section Books)

    • That thing we just said about Prefected Proficiency Charm? Yeah, it applies here too. The other (slightly smaller) half of your Proficiency Power is locked behind this node. Time to get stronger against Pixies and Werewolves.

  • One upgrade of Deterioration Hex Maxima (4 Restricted Section Books)

    • For the fourth time in a row, you're here to unlock a path. Thankfully, it's the last one. Confusion Hex will make your Accuracy pretty unnecessary, but a little bit of Accuracy will save your team Focus when it comes to the only slightly Evasive Pixies.

  • Perfected Protection Charm (16 Restricted Section Books)

    • Give your Magizoologist immunity! And dream fondly of the day when you'll finally get to experience immunity yourself too, with a little help from this Charm and your friends.

  • Finish maxing Proficiency Charm (24 Restricted Section Books)

    • In a mixed team doing Forest and Dark Chambers, this Charm lets every single member of the team do around 40 per damage every single turn for almost every Foe (any they're Proficient against) for the duration of the Challenge. It's time to max this baby out.

  • Strength in Numbers (4 Restricted Section Books)

    • By this point, you probably have at least one Enhancement most of the time, so grab an extra 5 Power for your trouble.

  • Finish maxing Deterioration Hex (20 Restricted Section Books)

    • Yes, after your Charms, at least when you're optimising for team play. It's fantastic when active, but it's 3 Focus per Foe, so you and your team won't get as many uses out of it as you will Protection and Proficiency Charms. 

  • Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork (15 Restricted Section Books) and Team Teaching (15 Restricted Section Books)

    • Now that you're ready to go on your Spells, grab yourself an extra 12 Power and 9% Defence whenever you have two active Enhancements.

  • Restricted Section (15 Restricted Section Books), Sparring Specifics (15 Restricted Section Books), 

    • Time to get immunity at last! All you need is two active Enchancements (one of which being your Protection Charm) and two Impairments on each Foe, and you'll take zero damage! Well, as long as your Foe's Defence Breach is 0% (Confusion Hex will help). 

  • On Sabbatical (15 Restricted Section Books)

    • While the +12 Power from this skill is great, it'll cost your team 5 Focus to get the three Impairments needed for it. It's nifty, but you'll typically only have it active against a few Foes, unless your team is chugging Invigoration Draughts.

  • Full Moon Hunter (15 Restricted Section Books)

    • Aurors' Confusion Hex makes this skill pretty low priority, but you can save your team a tiny bit of Focus when it comes to Imposing Werewolves at least. This skill will put your Defence Breach high enough to overcome their Defence. Anything higher though, and you'll still want a Confusion Hex to stop Werewolves ripping through you with their own Defence Breach.

  • Pesky Pixie (15 Restricted Section Books)

    • As with the previous one, Confusion Hex negates the need for this skill, but having it can save your team a little bit of Focus. In fact, this one makes Confusion Hex unnecessary even on Fierce Pixies. 

Which Foes To Take

There are two types of enemies that you’ll need to be on the lookout for while in a Fortress as an Auror. They’ll be listed below along with our tips on how to handle them.


Pixies are classified as Curiosities, so you'll make quick work of them. Keep in mind that Pixies are Evasive, which means they might Dodge your attacks. If you've maxed out your Accuracy, Imposing and below won't dodge. If you haven't, ask your Auror for Confusion Hex on Imposing, Dangerous, and Fierce Pixies. 

If you maxed your Accuracy and picked up Pesky Pixies (15 Restricted Section Books), none of them should give you trouble, so there's no need for a Confusion Hex.


The other Curiosity in Fortresses, Werewolves are the ones you'll need your wits for. They're much tankier than Pixies, and their Defence Breach can shred you to pieces. Be sure to ask your Auror for a Confusion Hex on any Dangerous or Fierce Werewolves to lower their Defence and Defence Breach. 

If you don't have Full Moon Hunter (15 Restricted Section Books), you may also want Confusion Hex on any Imposing Werewolves, though they only have Defence and no Defence Breach.

Everything Else

If there aren’t any Pixies or Werewolves, go ahead and fight whatever else is available, but be careful with Dark Wizards in particular. Your weakness to Dark Forces combined with their Defence Breach means the toughest ones will take you down in a flash unless an Auror uses Confusion Hex on them.


Finally, it's time to talk about which Potions to bring. Thankfully, we've already gone over how Potions work with Professor's conditional skills, so lets's get straight into it. There are three main potions used in Fortress battles, plus a couple others which activate Professor's conditional skills.

Exstimulo Potions

Exstimulo Potions are one of the most handy Potions in the game. In Fortresses, they increase the amount of damage you deal against Foes, and for Professors, these also count . All three have their uses, and you'll want to keep plenty on hand when you head into a tough Fortress Chamber.

Healing Potions

With a Magizoologist by your side, Healing Potions are not the most cost-effective ways to heal, but they are the fastest, so keep some on hand just in case. They tend to be most useful early in a Wizarding Challenge, when Focus is more scarce.

Invigoration Draughts

Professors have the most expensive Strategic Spells in the game, and they're all worth using. In a team of 5, you'll need 22 Focus early in the Challenge to cast Proficiency Charm and a Protection Charm on every player (though if your team has a second Professor, you can share that Focus cost). Invigoration Draughts will go a long way toward speeding up the process.

Don't forget though that Aurors can share their Focus with you (or any other teammate), and they can even drink an Invigoration Draught and distribute that Focus to you and other teammates. Your high Focus cost doesn't need to mean you're the one using all the Potions.

Other Potions

As mentioned in the section on conditional skills, Professors can activate some of their conditional skills by using other potions, such as Baruffio's Brain Elixir, Tonic for Trace Detection, or Dawdle Draught.

Dawdle Draught is the fastest to brew, but if you like to complete Traces in between each Challenge, it won't last very long. The other two will both last 30 minutes and bring with them some additional benefits (increased Wizarding XP or increased Traces). Choose whichever one best suits your play style—or bring none if your team typically gets Enhancements on right away.


So there you have it! Our guide to group Fortress combat for Professors. Don't be afraid to ask for more Focus, buff your whole team with Strategic Spells, and swat those pesky Pixies to victory!

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