Fortress Team Strategy: Magizoologist Guide

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Newt Scamander, Luna Lovegood, Rubeus Hagrid. What do they all have in common? They’re all Magizoologists, witches and wizards that are dedicated to the study and preservation of magical creatures. In Wizards Unite the Magizoologist is known as the tankiest of the three Professions with the highest Stamina and Defenses along with the greatest bevy of support spells. They’re also adept at fighting Beasts, able to deal massive damage to Erklings, Acromantulas, and their ilk. With a maximum Power of 109, their spells pack a surprising punch.

Strategic Spells

There are four spells that are important to the Magizoologist’s kit, the Mending Charm, the Stamina Charm, the Revive Charm, and the Bravery Charm. We’ll look at each one of these in detail and give some tips on how to best use them.

Mending Charm
  • Cost: 0 Focus

  • Effect: Restores 2-4 Stamina for you or a Teammate

The Mending Charm restores a teammate’s Stamina by a small amount. It costs 0 Focus, so it’s good to drop it on a teammate whenever you find yourself in a lobby. While it only gives out an extra 2-4 Stamina, that can be the difference between surviving a hit and being able to fire off a counterattack, and needing a Revive Charm to get back in the fight.

Stamina Charm
  • Cost: 2 Focus

  • Effect: Restores 15-30% of max Stamina for you or a Teammate

The Stamina Charm is a more powerful version of the Mending Charm, restoring an ally’s Stamina by up to 30%. With this increased healing power comes a higher Focus cost, 2 points as opposed to the Mending Charm’s 0. Usually it’s better to hold off and use the Revive Charm since it has a lower Focus cost, but if you’ve got some spare Focus or want to save a Potion for later then it’s not a bad choice. 

Keep in mind that you cannot Revive yourself, so you’ll need this Charm to keep your own health up if you want to avoid using Potions.

Revive Charm
  • Cost: 1 Focus

  • Effect: Revives a Teammate to 70-100% of their max Stamina

The Revive Charm is exclusive to the Magizoologist and can bring a fallen teammate back up from 0 Stamina with most or even all of their max Stamina restored. This is one of the best tools in your arsenal as a Magizoologist. Only costing 1 Focus, and acting as a full revive when it’s at its max, the Revive Charm is helpful in almost every situation. Costing less than the Stamina Charm, saving you on Potions, and reviving fallen allies, the Revive Charm is never not good. It just needs a little communication from your teammates to make sure that you’ve got enough Focus ready to go when they go down. But don’t worry, there’s no time limit so they can wait a little bit if they drop without enough notice.

Bravery Charm
  • Cost: 7 Focus

  • Effect: Increases Team’s Power against Elites by 60-150%

The Bravery Charm costs 7 Focus and buffs your entire team against Elite foes. It’s well worth that high Focus cost, especially in high-level chambers where Elite foes are more common. There’s not much else to say about it, the Bravery Charm is just an all-around good spell that’ll help out your team against powerful enemies.

General Notes

Above all else, communication is key for a Magizoologist to be as effective as they can be. Your teammates are a lot squishier, especially the Aurors, and it’s your job to revive them. Be sure to tell your group to let you know when they’re about to drop so you can have your Revive Charm ready to go.

On a similar note, if a teammate drops when an enemy is on its last legs, just finish off the enemy. Time is of the essence in Fortress combat and you’ve got enough firepower to deal the final blow, so spare yourself the long loading screen that comes with re-engaging the enemy you’re already fighting.

Lastly, the Magizoologist is the support Profession. That means that you’re responsible for your teammate’s health so keep an eye on them. In a perfect world, they’ll let you know how they’re doing and give you enough of a heads up when they need a revive, but that’s not always going to happen. If you see one of them getting roughed up and can anticipate them going down, you can have a Revive Charm ready to go to save some time in the revival process.


Rule 1 of Fortress combat for Magizoologists: Keep your Focus above 5. Nearly half your power and a fair bit of your Defense are only active while you have 5 Focus. As soon as you drop below, you’ll be a lot less powerful in combat. With the added costs of Bravery and reviving and healing the team, your Focus is precious. Don’t be afraid to tell your Aurors when you need more Focus, as they can share theirs with you. 

On that note, be sure to keep yourself above 50% Stamina. While the buffs you get for keeping your Stamina above 50% are smaller, they still add up (and are essential for immunity). Plus, you can’t heal and revive your allies if you’re having to spend those spells on yourself. As you get higher up in the skill tree, you’ll be able to get immunity with the help of a Professor which will do wonders for keeping yourself healthy. 

Lastly, be cautious around Werewolves and Dark Wizards. While immunity will protect you against most Foes, these two have Defense Breach which allows them to cut through your Defense to do real damage. They can seriously hurt you if they haven’t been nerfed by a Confusion Hex.



Scrolls are pretty easy for the Magizoologist. Just go down the tree and fill out skills where and when you can. They’re pretty easy to come by in the long run, especially during Brilliant Events, so there’s not a whole lot of strategy in allocating them.

Spell Books

When it comes to spending red Spell Books, you’ll want to be a bit more thoughtful, as these books become harder to come by as you go. If you’re looking to optimise your tree for team play, here is the order we suggest, from your highest priority stats and skills to your least essential ones.

  • Celebrity Jeopardy (4 Spell Books)

    • Increases Max Focus to 12. If you go over your Max Focus, that Focus is lost and cannot be recovered. Since you’ll want to keep your Focus at or above 5 at all times, this effectively gives you 7 Focus capacity for using Strategic Spells.

  • Wilderness Wards (18 Spell Books)

    • Max out Defense. With immunity or even just near-immunity, you’ll be able to save your Focus for reviving your teammates and keep your Stamina above 50% much more easily.

  • All Skills that cost less than 5 red Spell Books (50 Spell Books)

    • These skills are relatively cheap investments and worth the cost whether you play solo or in teams. 

  • Doxycide (6 Spell Books)

    • Erklings, one of your priorities as a Magizoologist, are Evasive. This skill helps you overcome this to avoid annoying Dodging, which wastes time and Spell Energy. While Aurors can use Confusion Hex to reduce Dodge, maxing out this skill means they can save Focus on easier Erklings and only use Confusion Hex on tougher Dangerous and Fierce (4-5 stars) Erklings.

  • Power and Proficiency Power

    • Your next priority is maximising the damage you can do, especially against Beasts, which will typically be the majority of Foes you fight in a team battle.

  • Precision and Critical Power: 

    • Critical hits are Auror’s specialty, but as you finish up other skills, it’s worth increasing these to get more and bigger crits.

  • Stamina and Protego Power should be saved for last only if you don’t have immunity. If your Professor doesn’t have the Protection Charm, or you’re doing it solo, then it’s worth the investment.

    • While these skills are low priority for optimal team play, they’re actually very useful! Ideally, you’ll have immunity from your high Defense and the Professor’s Protection Charm, but there are plenty of cases where you might not actually be immune. If you’re playing without a Professor or want to solo tough Chambers, you might even invest in these sooner.

  • Defense Breach

    • Neither of the Foes you typically fight (Erklings and Acromantulas) have any Defense, so this skill is useless against them. With Auror’s Confusion Hex, it’s even less important. However, there will likely come times when you need to fight a Werewolf or Dark Wizard, so grab this skill. It’s just not super important for Magizoologists in team play.

Restricted Section Books

Finally, Restricted Section Books offer some of the most useful skills for any Profession, including Magizoologists, but they’re only available during special events. With a goal of optimising for team play, here’s our suggestion on which skills to prioritise first:

  • Luna’s Stamina Charm (4 Restricted Section Books) to get to...Become the Beast (15 Restricted Section Books)

    • Become the Beast is the single greatest node on the Magizoologist skill tree, increasing your Power by a whopping 40 as long as you keep your Focus at or above 5. To get to it, you’ll need to first get “Luna’s Stamina Charm,” which costs 4 Restricted Section Books.

  • One upgrade of the Stamina Charm Maxima (4 Restricted Section Books)

    • While it might seem silly to start with one of the more expensive upgrades to your Stamina Charm, this node, like Luna’s Stamina Charm, is needed to get to one of the most essential Magizoologist skills:Trouble With ‘Truckles, which fortunately only costs Scrolls!

  • A Bird in the Hand (15 Restricted Section Books)

    • This and the next two on this list are essential skills for being able to become immune against most Foes. 

  • One upgrade of the Revive Charm (4 Restricted Section Books)

    • This skill is necessary to reach uthe last Defense node, which you need for immunity

  • Forum Quorum (15 Restricted Section Books)

    • This is the smallest boost to your Defense for the cost, so it’s only worth getting once you have the previous two and have maxed out your Defense stat. Once you get it though, you’ll be able to have immunity with the help of a Professor, which will save you from needing to heal during Fortress battles.

  • Finish maxing Revive Charm (8 Restricted Section Books)

  • Max Bravery Charm (12 Restricted Section Books)

  • Finish maxing Stamina Charm (4 Restricted Section Books)

  • Vile Creatures (15 Restricted Section Books)

    • Ever wished you could watch Erklings drop like flies? This will significantly boost your Power against one of your primary Foes.

  • Spiders! (15 Restricted Section Books)

    • If you always have immunity, this skill is pretty useless. However, this skill will give your team some more flexibility in who should get Protection Charms first. If you have this and an Acromantula, your Professor can start with your far glassier teammates and give you Protection once more Focus is available.

  • Mending Charm (4 Restricted Section Books)

While upgrading this skill isn’t completely pointless, it’s not nearly as useful as any of the other Restricted Section Book Skills. If you’ve finished everything else, go ahead and grab it.

Which Foes To Take

There are four types of enemies that you’ll need to be on the lookout for while in a Fortress as a Magizoologist. They’ll be listed below along with our tips on how to handle them.


Erklings are classified as Beasts, so they’re right in your wheelhouse. When facing a Dangerous or Fierce Erkling (one rated four or five stars), ask an Auror to lay down a Confusion Hex to cut down on their excessive dodging. It can be helpful for Imposing (three star) Erkilngs too, especially if you have not yet maxed out your Accuracy, but isn’t as necessary.


These giant spiders are the tankiest Beast, and one of the tankiest enemies overall. Ask for a Weakening Hex from an Auror if you don’t have immunity or “Spiders!” yet to keep them from doing too much. When facing a Fierce, Elite Dangerous, or Elite Fierce version, ask a Professor for a Deterioration Hex to help wear them down as much as possible.


These Curiosities are bad news for Magizoologists. When facing higher-level ones, such as the Dangerous and Fierce variants, do not engage unless they’ve been hit with a Confusion Hex.

Dark Wizards

As a Magizoologist, you’re used to dealing with wild animals, not other people. Avoid dealing with Imposing, Dangerous, and Fierce variants if they haven’t been softened up with a Confusion Hex, as their Defense Breach means they’ll hurt you much more than other Foes.

Everything Else

If there aren’t any Erklings or Acromantulas, then go after the other Foes (leaving those Werewolves and Dark Wizards to your allies). You’re bulky enough to take them on, and your Power is high enough to deal sufficient damage. If you’re facing a Dangerous or Fierce Pixie, ask an Auror for a Confusion Hex, but that’s more to cut down on their dodging than anything else.


There are three potions that’ll be the biggest help to you in Fortresses. Firstly is the Invigoration/Strong Invigoration Potion. Staying at or above 5 Focus is essential for Magizoologists. Aurors can help, but, especially in high Dark chambers, everyone needs lots of focus. A good team will share the potion load, but Bravery + Protection Charms + Proficiency Charms + Hexes + Revives/Healing adds up fast, so you might not always be able to rely only on Aurors sending all their Focus.

Second is the Exstimulo series of Potions. Choose from the base, Strong, or Potent version depending on the level of chamber you’re in so you can boost your damage output to blast through your enemies.

Lastly is the Healing Potion. If you’re fighting without immunity, like if it’s your first foe, or a Dark Wizard or Werewolf without a max Confusion Hex, having a couple Healing Potions on hand is helpful. They’re cheaper than using Invigorations to get the 2 Focus for healing. Near the end of a Fortress battle though, you might have excess Focus to heal yourself.


So there you have it! Our guide to group Fortress combat for Magizoologists. Keep an eye on your teammates’ health so you’re ready to sling out a heal or a revive, blast some Erklings, and be sure to ask your Auror and Professor friends to help soften up the foes that you’d have a hard time against. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be finding Fortress Foundables faster than a Niffler in a Gringott’s vault.

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