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Article by Carley Quave
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About Spells

These Spells are used in Foundable Encounters to subdue the Confoundables causing trouble. 

Foundable Encounters are essentially scripted events that require Players to trace the glyphs displayed quickly and accurately before the timer runs out. 

Threat Level determines how accurate and fast the Spell glyphs need to be traced. 

List of Foundables

Spells List

Summons an object towards the caster.

Produces a clear, drinkable jet of water from the tip of the wand.

Unlocks the target, including windows, doors and other objects.

Slows down the object.

Detonates a small explosion, used on sealed doors and windows.

A generic offensive spell.

Can be used on anything that needs cutting.

Entraps the target in a bubble, which cannot be popped by force.

The only known defense against Dementors.

Stops easier ongoing spells and jinxes.

Knocks back the target.

Starts a fire.

Counter-charm to stop weather effects.

Forces a Boggart to assume a form humorous to the caster.

A generic offensive spell.

Slows down the object.

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