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Similar to Mystery Foundable Dialogue, SOS Assignments give insight into the story of Harry Potter Wizards Unite. This page is updated through gameplay. If you have additional dialogue snippets, please share them as screenshots in a community thread!


I wonder, is it possible that the Calamity wasn’t the result of a single wizard’s grand plan?

Like it’s the creation of some sort of cabal?

Thank you, for that, Constance. As if things aren’t bad enough.

I was just thinking, what if it was more than a single spell? What if it were several spells combining together?

Part 1

The power of this Confoundable spell is quite incredible…

They say Grim Fawley cast the spell, but he seems so sweet and… well… harmless. I can’t believe he did it.

Me, too. But when Penelope went missing, he changed.

Don’t forget Grim was an Unspeakable, Constance. He is a very capable wizard. Don’t let appearances fool you. 

Part 2

Harry, what exactly does the Calamity steal?

Any number of things: artefacts, people, creatures and even memories… 

About the only thing that is consistent between one and the next is that every Foundable is valued by someone.

That which is most loved is made most vulnerable…

Part 3

What happens if we don’t return all these Foundables?

No one really knows, if we’re honest. One fear - a legitimate one - is that the International Statute of Secrecy may collapse entirely.

Well, that won’t do at all!

We also don’t know the long-term effects on what has been taken.

Honestly? The situation is incredibly dire.

Part 4

Harry, can you explain Confoundables? What are they?

We don’t really know. They seem to be the result of a defensive spell of some sort. They are clearly there to protect the Foundables… From what, I’m not sure.

From being returned?

Perhaps. Confoundables are incredibly chaotic. Occasionally, I’ve found myself saving Foundables from the Confoundable protecting it. It’s bizarre. 

Part 5

You’ll find that Confoundables you confront are utterly chaotic.

They seem to be there to protect the Foundables. But they’re incredibly unpredictable - it’s like whoever cast the spell didn’t think it through properly. 

So someone cast a spell to steal everything and then another one to protect what they stole?

That’s one theory. Given the complex nature of the spell that caused the Calamity, we can’t know unless we find the source of the spell. 

Part 6

I was talking to another volunteer today and they were confused by the threat meter. It’s quite simple, really…

The more likely a Foundable is to break the International Statute of Secrecy, the higher the threat given by the system. 

Interestingly, Foundables of a higher threat tend to be protected by more difficult Confoundables.

Lower threat Foundables are easier to return. Seems like a rather orderly way for a chaotic spell to behave, don’t you think?

Part 7

[Player] are you familiar with the London Five investigation? It was really quite something.

Three years ago, five people went missing - and were never found. Four of them were Ministry employees, including Grim Fawley’s wife, Penelope.

Everyone seems to think that he cast the spell that caused the Calamity as payback for the Ministry’s failure to find her.

Part 8

One thing that is quite fascinating about the Calamity… The Foundables aren’t always whole… They always appear to us as whole, but some are not. 

What do you mean?

We’ve found that in some cases, to fully return a Foundable, you have to recover all its pieces - the Fragments.

There’s no rhyme or reason… Some are fragmented, and some aren’t.

Part 9

The Calamity seems to be working from some set of rules. Secret rules.

If we could figure those rules... 

If you could do that, we’d make you Minister of Magic on the spot - and I wouldn’t put it past you, Constance.

But until then, we need to find Grim Fawley. They’re most likely his rules, so he’s the key to ending this.

Part 10

Harry, why do you think we call the Confoundables, Confoundables?

I’m afraid to answer this…

Because the Confoundables are confounding… Get it? Confoundables?

Why do I think that name came from Hermione Granger?

It did! Ms. Granger and I came up with the name together! Don’t you just love it?

Part 11

What are those strange Portmanteaus? They’ve just been scattered about.

They seem to be another form of Confoundable, albeit an easy enough one to overcome. You just need keys and walking boots!

When you unlock them, you can use the Portkey inside to find and recover Foundables - or Fragments of Foundables.

They’re quite useful, actually.

Part 12

Can I tell you a secret? I am quite proud of the Registry. I was part of the Ministry team that put it together.

 We’ve managed to categorise everything that is lost in one place. It’s quite something. I love organising and organisation.

The Registry even magically expands when we discover new Foundables - that bit was Gareth Greengrass’ work. Such a great mind, that man.

Part 13

I don’t know about you, but I love marking progress. Ms. Granger and I designed the Registry as a sort of Calamity to-do list.

To be honest, I tried to get the name to be “The Calamity To-Do List”, bit I lost out to boring old “Registry” during the committee vote.

You should know that the vote wasn’t very close. Carry on.

(whispers) Gethsemane Prickle. She’s a delight, that one.

I heard that!

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