Wizards Unite Portkeys and Portmanteaus Guide

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What are Portmanteaus?

As players explore the world in Wizards Unite, they'll discover objects on the map called Portkey Portmanteaus. These are special Muggle-proof objects that, when unlocked with a key, reveal Portkeys. These Portkeys transport players to special in-game locations using AR, where they can collect rewards.

Like Ingredients, Portkey Portmanteaus appear on the Overworld map, but they only appear when player has inventory space for Portkeys or during certain special events, such as the  Wizards Unite Fan Festival Global Challenge.

Portkey Portmanteau on the Overworld

Types of Portmanteaus

There are three basic types of Portkeys. Each Portkey type requires a certain walking distance to unlock. From right to left, the basic Portkeys in the image above are:

  • Prized Portkey Portmanteau: 2 km

  • Precious Portkey Portmanteau: 5 km

  • Paramount Portkey Portmanteau: 10 km

In addition, special Brilliant Portkey Portmanteaus have been available during all Brilliant events to date. Initially, these required 7km to unlock, but since the Back to Hogwarts Brilliant Event, these have been 3km.

During the 2019 Wizards Unite Fan Festival Global Challenge, special 1km Dragon Egg Portkey Portmanteaus were available for 48 hours.

Typically, all types of Portkey Portmanteaus look like Prized (2km) ones on the Overworld map until they are picked up. However, the special 1km Dragon Egg Portkey Portmanteaus were distinguishable on the map during that event. 


To begin unlocking a Portkey Portmanteau, players must use a Key on the Portmanteau and then walk the given distance. There are two types of Keys:

  • Gold Key

  • Silver Key

Gold Keys can be used infinitely but only unlock one Portkey at a time. Players only have access to a single Gold Key.

Silver Keys are single-use Premium Items which can be purchased from Diagon Alley. Players can also receive some free Silver Keys from:

  • Completing Assignments and Achievements
  • Occasional free Complimentary Gifts in Diagon Alley
  • Rare drops from Trace Encounters

Tip: To get the most value for your Silver Keys, use them on 10km Portmanteaus or during special events with additional Portkey bonuses.

How to Use a Portkey

After unlocking a Portmanteau, players will receive a Portkey which can be opened at any time. Before opening their Portkey, players should decide whether they want to proceed with the full AR+ mode, or with a limited AR experience. 

With AR+ on, players will be able to walk around inside the Portkey, look around corners, and more fully experience the magical setting they have been transported to. However, AR+ requires more space to use and can be time-consuming and awkward to use in some spaces. 

Please note: AR+ is not compatible with all devices. 

Opening without AR+

With AR+ turned off (check the Settings menu found in the top left of your Suitcase to confirm it is turned off), entering a Portkey is just a few simple steps:

  1. Tap "Use Now" beneath the Portkey you want to use
  2. Tap on the boot to place the Portkey environment
  3. Simply wait for the Portkey animation to complete and place you within the Portkey environment.

Note: After placing the boot, it is not necessary to aim your phone at the Portkey entrance or move forward toward it while AR+ is off.

Opening with AR+

With AR+ turned on (check the Settings menu found in the top left of your Suitcase to confirm it is turned on), opening a Portkey requires a few extra considerations.

First, players need to make sure that they have ample space to walk around, about a 3x3 meter area. Players should also be sure they are somewhere appropriate for walking around and pointing a camera. 

Once you've found a good spot, here's how it works with AR+:

  1. Tap "Use Now" beneath the Portkey you want to use
  2. Point your camera around you until the game registers a safe, flat surface
  3. Once the boot appears, move yourself and/or your camera around until the boot is on the ground and the blue border is around an area you can safely move around in
  4. Tap on the boot to place the Portkey environment
  5. Aim your camera at the Porkey environment and move toward it.

Once inside, you'll be able to walk around inside the Portkey environment, but be careful! If you move too far from Portkey area (or your GPS drifts), you will be kicked out of the Portkey.

Can't Activate Portkeys

Portkey not working? Many players have reported being unable to get Portkeys to properly activate. If you find that your Portkey is not working when you try to activate it, make sure that you're placing it properly. It sounds simple, but the AR controls can be somewhat disorienting. Line up the blue square of the Portkey entrance with an open, unobstructed 3x3 meter area. Then, make sure to aim the phone downwards so you can see the Portkey Boot on your screen in AR. If you tap the boot, the Portkey should be placed and activate the mini-AR game. 

Portkey Boot
Visible: The edge of the AR area (blue lines) as well as the Portkey boot. Tapping the boot will allow you to begin the Portkey minigame.

Portkey Rewards


Once inside the Portkey environment, players are tasked with finding five Wrackspurts. These are the glowing orbs hidden throughout the AR setting. Whether in AR+ or not, players will need to point their phone in different directions to explore the area and find all five.

Each Wrackspurt will display rewards to the player once found and tapped. These rewards typically include ingredients, Wizarding XP, and Family XP. Certain special event Portkeys may contain other rewards as well, such as Spell Energy.

  • Tip: If you're in a hurry, just tap one wrackspurt and leave. Rewards for all five wrackspurts will be awarded anyway, though you will not see the Reward Summary screen detailing all of your rewards.

When it comes to finding Wrackspurts, some Portkey locations may be more challenging than others. Sometimes Wrackspurts hide in other objects, and some hide high above you.

Many players in particular struggled with the Hogwarts Express location during the Brilliant Back to Hogwarts Event, as all of the Wrackspurts appeared in the landscape outside of the train window.

Keep a sharp eye out in new locations, look in every direction, and be sure to watch moving areas in case Wrackspurts appear and disappear there.

Reward Summary

After tapping five Wrackspurts, players will be taken to the Rewards Summary screen. Here, players will see all of the Wrackspurt rewards they received from the Portkey as well as the Foundable Fragment they received from the Portkey.

Foundable Fragments received from Portkeys can sometimes include rare, hard-to-find Fragments. Longer distance Portkeys typically contain rarer Foundable Fragments and greater Wrackspurt rewards.

Tip: If you're trying to gain Wizarding XP quickly, save up several unlocked Portkeys before using a Baruffio's Brain Elixir, and then open all of your Portkeys. While not all Portkeys have Wizarding XP, the WXP you do receive will be doubled if you have an active Brain Elixir.

NOTE: Portkeys do not require any Spell Energy to use, making them handy if you really need to get your fix of the game but have no access to Inns to refresh your Spell Energy.

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