Dark Detector Guide

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What are Dark Detectors?

Dark Detectors are handy items in Wizards Unite that can be placed in Inns, and serve to increase the spawn rate of Traces nearby. Both the chance of a Trace spawning and the chance of that Trace being a high rarity are increased. 

Dark Detector
I definitely wouldn't want to be Detected by this thing.

How to Use Dark Detectors

To use a Dark Detector, get near any Inn that you can access. Once you open it up, clicking the tab at the bottom of the screen labeled 'Dark Detectors' will bring you to the placement screen. There, you can see how many Dark Detectors you own in the top left corner, as well as how many are currently being used on the Inn you are visiting.

Dark Detector Placement
An inn with no Dark Detectors currently active

Placing a Dark Detector will activate the increased spawn rate for Traces in the immediate area of the Inn. Dark Detectors can be stacked, but each of them has its own timer and will expire independently of the others. Once placed, a Dark Detector will be active for 30 minutes. Thus, activating them when you will be around an Inn for at least that long gives you a better chance of making full use of them. Especially when 3 Dark Detectors are stacked at once, this method can be a good way of finding multiple rare Severe or Emergency Threat level Traces. 

Inns with Dark Detectors active will have swirling particles hovering around their roofs, with more particles per each additional Dark Detector, and Traces that are spawned due to the increased rate buff will also have a small particle spinning around their bases. 

Dark Detector Active
An inn with a single Dark Detector active 
3 Active Dark Detectors
An inn with three Dark Detector particles visible, alongside a Trace. Note the visual at the bottom of the Trace, signifying that it was spawned by a Dark Detector buff.

Where to Find Dark Detectors

Dark Detectors are, as you can see, immensely useful items, and therefore not as readily available as some other resources like Potion Ingredients and Seeds that you can find lying around the Overworld.

Here is every current way to get Dark Detectors:

  • One is given to you upon starting the game
  • One is given to you the first time you visit the Dark Detector placement screen
  • They are occasionally given out as Daily Treasure log-in rewards
  • You can earn them as rewards through certain tasks in the game and events
  • You can earn them periodically by leveling up
  • They can drop (very rarely) from completing Traces 
  • Wiseacres sells them in Diagon Alley for 120 Gold, or 325 Gold for a pack of 3
  • They sometimes appear in bundles in the Featured tab of Diagon Alley as well

And now that you know where to find them, get out there and start Dark Detecting! Many potentially rare Foundables await you! To read more about them, or other aspects of the game, feel free to check out some of our other guides on the topic!

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