Profession Stat Comparison Guide

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The below table lists the maximum possible Player Stats obtainable when maxing out each Profession's skill tree. This table may be helpful to you when making a selection as to what Profession you wish to spend your precious Scrolls, Spell Books, and Restricted Section Books on!

For a more comprehensive guide on selecting a Profession, please check out the below guide!

Skill Tree Tools

Profession Maxed Stat & Skill Table

Player Stat


Stamina 296 525 397
Power 100 59 79
Protego Power 35% 49% 45%
Precision 35% 20% 23%
Critical Power 120% 98% 111%
Proficiency Power 148% 148% 150%
Deficiency Defence 50% 60% 50%
Defence 39% 50% 44%
Defence Breach 32% 22% 15%
Accuracy 15% 20% 32%
Initial Focus 4 5 4
Maximum Focus 10 12 15
Stamina Charm
Mending Charm
Revive Charm
Bravery Charm
Weakening Hex
Bat-Bogey Hex
Focus Charm
Confusion Hex
Deterioration Hex
Protection Charm
Proficiency Charm

Stat & Skill Descriptions

If you are wondering what each stat or skill does, please find a brief description below.

Player Stat Description
Stamina The total health of the combatant. The combatant is defeated when Stamina drops to 0.
Power The amount of damage a combatant can inflict against Foes.
Protego Power The reduction in the damage taken by a combatant when Protego is successfully cast.
Precision The chance a successful Spell Cast will result in a Critical Cast (Critical Casts deal bonus damage).
Critical Power The amount of additional damage done when landing a successful Critical Cast.
Proficiency Power The increase in the damage done against Foes when the combatant has a Proficiency against that Foe. Proficiency is when you have advantage against that type of enemy.
Deficiency Defence The increase in Defence when the combatant has a deficiency against that Foe. Deficiency is when the combatant normally takes extra damage against an enemy.
Defence Defensive strength against Foes.
Defence Breach The decrease a combatant does to their Foe's defence in combat.
Accuracy The amount of increased accuracy a combatant has against evasive Foes.
Initial Focus The starting amount of Focus the combatant has when entering a Fortress. Focus is used when casting Hexes and Charms, and is recovered as encounters are completed.
Maximum Focus The maximum amount of Focus the combatant can have at one time.
Stamina Charm Restore the Stamina of a Teammate.
Mending Charm Restore a Teammate's Stamina by a small amount.
Revive Charm Revive a knocked-out Teammate and restore a portion of their Stamina.
Bravery Charm Enhance your entire team by raising their Power against Elite Foes.
Weakening Hex Impair a Foe by lowering their Power.
Bat-Bogey Hex Reduce a single Foe's Stamina by a small amount.
Focus Charm Transfer Focus from yourself to a Teammate.
Confusion Hex Impair a Foe by lowering their Dodge, Defence, and Defence Breach.
Deterioration Hex Place an Impairment on a Foe that lowers their Stamina every time they attack or defend.
Protection Charm Enhance a Teammate by increasing their Defence.
Proficiency Charm Enhance your entire team by raising their Proficiency Power.

Proficiency/Deficiency per Profession

For your reference, the types of enemies that each of the main professions are strong against (Proficient) or weak against (Deficient) are shown below!

Resources Required to Max Skill Trees

The total amount of Scrolls, Spell Books, and Restricted Section Books required to max each of the professions can be found in the below table.



Item Auror
Principles of
Scrolls 2352 2495 2325 7172
Spell Books 430 465 320 1215
Restricted Section Books 115 115 223 453
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