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As our week-long look at Fortresses and Wizarding Challenges near its end, we’re rounding off with this quick guide to help you understand how Challenge XP works in Wizards Unite, what it’s used for, and most importantly: how to get it.

Challenge XP, or CXP, is a special kind of Rank or Family XP typically earned from completing Wizarding Challenges at Fortresses. While ranking up in other Families awards Scrolls and Runestones, ranking up in Challenges awards 2 precious Spell Books each time. 

These Spell Books are essential to completing your Profession Lesson Plan, which is where you can increase your character stats to prepare for tougher challenges. In other words, to get stronger in combat, you’re going to need a lot of Challenge XP, so it’s worth learning a bit more about it.

Collecting Spell Books

Every Profession needs a few hundred Spell Books to complete their first Lesson Plan. In the beginning, these Spell Books will come very quickly. Enjoy it while it lasts because, unlike other Families, the amount of Challenge XP you need to rank up increases every single Rank all the way to Rank 150*, where you’ll need another 3,770 CXP every time to earn another 2 Spell Books.

To complete a single Lesson Plan, every Profession needs a few hundred Spell Books. Magizoologists and Aurors will need more, while Professors need significantly fewer Spell Books.
Spell Books are also sometimes included as rewards during special events, so keep an eye out for these! Without Spell Books from events and Achievements, every Profession will need to reach Max Rank (Rank 150*) and continue earning Challenge XP for several more ranks. With these, some players may be able to finish before reaching Max Rank.

Earning Challenge XP

Right, so you need Challenge XP, and you need a lot of it. While Challenge XP can also be obtained from Portkeys, it is not guaranteed and often comes in very small quantities. Your most reliable source of Challenge XP will be completing Wizarding Challenges at Fortresses

Before we dive too deep into maximising your Challenge XP, let’s first take a look at how Challenge XP is calculated. Credit for collecting, analysing, and sharing the data for this goes to several players, including Discord user Half-Blood Princess, u/n1ghth0und, u/bliznitch, and many others. 

The total Challenge XP you receive from completing a Wizarding Challenge has six variables: 

  • Chamber level

  • Your Runestone level (not your teammates’)

  • Number of Teammates 

  • Number of In-game Friends on your team

  • Challenge Fragment 

  • Max Fragment Bonus

Each Chamber has a base CXP reward, ranging from 10 CXP at Ruins I all the way to 156 CXP for Dark V. While that difference might not seem like much, it adds up once you include the other bonuses, as Runestone, Teammates, and Friends all multiply based on the base Chamber CXP. 

For those who enjoy a little bit of math and formulas though, here’s how all those factors fit together: 

Total Challenge XP = Chamber CXP + (Chamber CXP * Runestone multiplier) + (Chamber CXP * Teammate multiplier) + (Chamber CXP * Friend Multiplier) + Fragment CXP + Max Fragment Bonus

Each bonus is rounded up to the nearest integer. The +25% bonus CXP for Sponsored Fortresses is applied to the base “Chamber CXP” before any bonuses are added. This means the overall bonus is typically close to but slightly less than 25%, as it does not apply to the Fragment CXP and the Max Fragment Bonus.

We promised a quick and easy guide here though, so we won’t get too deep into numbers right now. (For those who enjoy the numbers though, keep an eye out for a more numbers-heavy guide in the future!) To keep it simple, there are three main ways to increase your Challenge XP rewards:

  • Fight in tougher Chambers
  • Use higher level Runestones
  • Play with others

Playing with others also makes tougher Chambers easier, allowing you to get more CXP while spending fewer Potions and less Spell Energy. As such, finding others to play with is the single best way to increase your Challenge XP, but it can also be one of the hardest factors to change, depending on where you live and play.

All that said, there is one other important factor to consider, which is especially important during events like the upcoming Community Day: time. While you might normally have all the time in the world to get the most Challenge XP bang for your Runestone buck, with Community Day, there are only three hours to take advantage of all of the bonuses, including Challenge XP bonuses. 

For those keen to maximise their total Challenge XP during the event, u/NanashiSaito made a handy tool to help you estimate which Fortress Chamber will net you the highest Challenge XP per hour. It’ll also show you roughly how much Spell Energy and Runestones you can expect to use to help you plan accordingly. 

Prestiging Challenge Registry Pages

Some players have noted that Prestiging Challenge Registry pages results in an overall net loss of Challenge XP, as players miss out on the Challenge XP from Max Fragment Bonus. On Reddit, u/bliznitch wrote up a detailed analysis of how much Challenge XP is lost from this.

For those who would rather not sift through charts and tables filled with numbers, here’s the bite-sized summary: while you might lose out on a small bit of Challenge XP by prestiging, it’s not going to make a significant difference either way

The majority of the “lost” Challenge XP comes from prestiging some of the most difficult pages (like Wands of Dumbeldore’s Army I and II) all the way up to Gold. Most players likely won’t even prestige a single one of these pages before accumulating enough Spell Books to complete their first Lesson Plan. 

In other words, the decision to prestige these pages or not isn’t worth losing sleep over. If prestiging pages is something you enjoy, prestige away. If, however, prestiging isn’t all that thrilling to you, you might prefer to get a little bit more Challenge XP and leave them in their base frames.

If you choose not to Prestige, you’ll still need to tap the red icon on the top right of a completed page and tap “No” in order to clear the red dot.


Ready to get out there and take on some Wizarding Challenges? It's a long road ahead to earning all of the Challenge XP you'll need to complete your Lesson Plan, so be sure to grab your friends and check out our other Fortress-related guides to help you blast through the fiercest Fortress Foes.

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