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UPDATE: The game is released, 6/20/2019!

Wizards Unite is now available for iOS and Android!


This is a collection of helpful guides with everything you need to prepare for Wizards Unite’s global release on June 21.

What is Wizards Unite?

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is an Augmented Reality game where the veil between the Wizarding World and that of Muggles has been mysteriously ripped open by Confoundable Magic.

Magical creatures and artifacts are popping up all over the world--all for Muggle eyes to see.

Players are tasked by the Statute of Secrecy Task Force to rescue aspects of the Wizarding World--known as Foundables--from this Confoundable Magic and discover the truth about who or what is behind this.

Starting the Game

Every game and every game’s interface is different--these guides will familiarize you with the menu layouts and where everything is:

Profile Picture Customization

Profile customization is primarily covered in the User Interface Guide, but a list of Selfie filters available in Wizards Unite can be found here:

Foundable Registry

Filling out your Registry is key to obtaining less common resources such as Scrolls, Keys, and Runestones.

These are databases for the 4 sections in the Registry: Exploration, Challenges, Mysteries, and Events.

Profession Skill Trees

Which profession you choose will have the biggest impact in Wizarding Challenges, which will require teaming up with friends and coordinating on the line-up of who is what: Auror, Magizoologist, or Professor.

These customizable profession skill trees will let you plan ahead, know what your max stat bonuses will be, and how much you’ll need to spend to get there:

Fortresses and Combat Encounters

This is where you’ll see the majority of combat and use the most Healing Potions. Fortress Chambers are only accessible by spending Runestones.

This Combat Guide and Fortress List will give you the rundown on how Wizards Unite Combat and what to expect in each Fortress Chamber.

Resource Grinding

Beyond collecting resources scattered around the overworld, Portkeys and Potion Brewing are the most reliable methods stocking up on valuable resources.

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