Common Welsh Green

A green, two-legged dragon in flight.

Among the least troublesome of the dragon species, the Welsh Green nests in remote, mountainous areas far from human populations. However, the Ilfracombe Incident of 1932, in which a lone Welsh Green panicked a group of Muggle sunbathers, proves that even relatively docile dragons require careful management.

The Common Welsh Green is exclusive to Europe and Africa. It appears rarely during the Day.

Registry Information

Rarity4 out of 16
First Time XP250
Returned ToBrecon Beacons Mountain Range, Wales

Where to Obtain

Trace Encounter

Registry Page Location

Spell Associated with Foundable

Fragment Prestige Requirements

Completing (Prestiging) the registry page this foundable is located at will upgrade this page's frame and reward you more Family XP for each Foundable returned. The collectibles on that page will reset.

Frame Fragments XP
Standard 10 50
Bronze 20 50
Silver 40 50
Gold 80 50

Encounters that Drop Foundable

Total Encounters3

Oddities Common Welsh Green

A Common Welsh Green is preparing to attack!

Accuracy 0
Defense 0
Defense Breach 0
Deficiency Defense 0
Dodge 0
Power 11 11 11
Stamina 120 177 177
Proficiency Power 20000 20000