How to Get and Manage Spell Energy in Wizards Unite

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Spell Energy Overview

Spell Energy is one of the key resource systems in Wizards Unite. It's your reserve of magical power - without Spell Energy, you can't cast any spells at all! That means no completing Traces, no taking part in Wizarding Challenges, and not even helping grow plants in Greenhouses. If you've found yourself here, there's a decent chance that you, with much wailing and gnashing of teeth, have realized that at some point you ran out of Spell Energy, and learned the bitter truth about how it doesn't recharge over time. However, all is not lost! We've compiled some tips and tricks on Spell Energy management, as well as a general breakdown of its place in the game, to help you get back on your feet and get out there casting again. Here's how to get spell energy in Wizards Unite.

Sources of Spell Energy

Fortunately, in Wizards Unite Energy replenishment comes from many sources.

Unfortunately, most of them are very unreliable or low in reward. However, it's still necessary to get acquainted with them all due to the lack of passive Spell Energy recovery. (Note that as of 6/22/19, Niantic has updated Spell Energy gain and may do so again.)

Here are the ways you can get Spell Energy:


  • Inns serve as the primary resource for Spell Energy, granting 3-10 per visit
  • Inns have a cooldown of 5 minutes, but you won't always get the same amount of energy
    • You can see smoke coming out of an Inn you have visited in the last 5 minutes
  • The possible rewards from an Inn vary depending on its color, but by and large they're comparable in usefulness
  • Preliminary testing hints that Inns in high-density areas may give less energy individually compared to solitary Inns in rural places, though there is no official confirmation yet. * UPDATE 6/21/19: Based on a recent announcement, it seems Inns will start to give more generous rewards!
  • You can find a list of the Inn foods here!
Four inn types
Each type of Inn has a selection of dishes to offer, which replenish Spell Energy depending on what you get


  • Greenhouses can reward you with Spell Energy along with Potion Ingredients
  • However, this method really won't cover your needs as it only gives 2 Spell Energy (6/21/19 Update: 4 Spell Energy!) each time you get lucky


  • Spell Energy is given out as a login reward from the Daily Treasure screen on some days
  • You can also earn 5 Spell Energy (6/21/19 Update: 10 Spell Energy!) as a reward for completing one of the Daily Tasks
Daily Assignment

Buying It

  • If push really comes to shove and you can't wait, directly buying Spell Energy boosters is an option
  • Wiseacres (second shop tab in Diagon Alley) sells 50 Spell Energy for 100 gold


  • After update 2.7.0, the gifting feature was introduced with Spell Energy gifts as one of the rewards.
  • Spell Energy gifts can be found at Inns. Players can visit Inns like normal to receive gifts, although it's not guaranteed for players to find one.
  • Spell Energy gifts can be collected even if the player's Spell Energy capacity is full

Managing Spell Energy

One of the limiting aspects of Spell Energy is the relatively low maximum capacity new players will begin with. 75 Spell casts might seem like a lot, but if you aren't replenishing that stock, it goes by fast, especially since failed Spells still drain energy. However, there are options in place to help grow that capacity, plus some things to keep in mind about using Spell Energy in general.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get the most mileage out of your Spell Energy!


  • Prioritize high-rarity Traces
    • As tempting as it may be, you don't have to return every low-rarity Foundable if you're low on energy
    • Save a small amount of 'emergency energy' (10-15 is safe) for Severe or Emergency Threat Level Traces
    • For those situations, feel free to use up all energy, Potions, etc. to ensure you complete them
  • Try to remember Foundables you encounter often
    • Know what you will see frequently so you don't waste energy on them (if you're low) in case a rare one appears
    • However, if you have a steady supply, feel free to redo them to keep getting XP and leveling up
  • Spell performance matters
    • Stop walking when you need to do a tricky Trace, as moving around may worsen your accuracy
    • The faster you cast a Spell, the better it is, and the better the chance to succeed with no energy wasted
    • Potions are a last resort to make tricky, rare Confoundables easy and lessen your Spell Energy spending
      Magic Resisted
      Running out of Spell Energy will mean outing yourself as a Squib is only the second worst part of your day


  • No need to power-farm high level Challenges
    • If you find yourself low on Spell Energy, you might be tempted to use it in a bid to level up ASAP
    • However, higher levels of Wizarding Challenges aren't efficient for farming large amounts of XP

Raising the Spell Energy cap

  • Diagon Alley has options
    • The above-mentioned Wiseacres carries a +10 bonus to max Spell Energy for 150 gold
    • The Featured tab contains a Vault Extensions bundle for 475 gold, which also gives +30 Ingredient capacity and +10 Potion capacity
    • The bundle is technically more value for gold, but if prioritizing Spell Energy only, Wiseacres is the better buy
  • Farm the gold needed by doing Dailies
    • Every 15 days or so, you should be able to earn a +10 Spell Energy boost through Daily Assignments
    • Over time, Daily Treasure will also provide enough gold to increase the energy cap
  • Or just buy it
    • Again, if you really want that max energy boost now, you can always use real money to purchase it

To sum it all up, even though Spell Energy can be restrictive and sometimes a bit frustrating, it's nothing you can't handle. With a bit of smart play and some of our handy tips, you'll be casting Spells like there's no tomorrow!

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