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Restricted Section Books (sometimes referred to as "Green Books") are one of the rarest and most valuable resources in Wizards Unite. If you've been leveling your Profession Skill Tree as a Professor, you may have noticed that some particularly powerful nodes require Restricted Section Books to unlock. By contrast, Aurors and Magizoologists suffer much less from this limitation; far more of their Skill Tree nodes are unlockable with just Scrolls and regular Spell Books at this point in time. 

Restricted Spell Book requirement
Aurors and Magizoologists rarely find time for some light reading

To get a picture on what Skills are the best investment for your first few Restricted Section Books, check out our guide on the best way to use them!

Where to get Restricted Section Books

As mentioned when you try to level up a skill that requires a Restricted Section Book, you can earn them as rewards from Brilliant Event tasks. Using the first Brilliant Event from the beta of the game as an example, you can expect to earn about 15 Restricted Section Books from completing all Brilliant Event tasks.

Please keep in mind: that event was only a test event that ran during the beta. As we get more Events, it will become clear whether this is a variable amount or if 15 books is approximately what players can get every time. This guide will be updated accordingly as more information comes out. More detail about events in general can be found in our Brilliant Events Guide!

UPDATE 6/27/19: The rerun of the first Brilliant Event has been announced for the live release of Wizards Unite! Check out the Brilliant Event: Fantastic Flora and Fauna Guide for more details. We will be able to confirm some of the information on this page with the release of that event!

Using Restricted Section Books

Skills that cost Restricted Section Books tend to be comparatively more powerful. They begin appearing about a third of the way down the Skill Tree for Magizoologists, a little past that for Aurors, and comparatively early for Professors, only about a quarter of the way down. Thus far, to completely upgrade every node in the Skill Tree for the Auror, Magizoologist and Professor trees combined requires a grand total of 453 Restricted Section Books (on top of all the scrolls and regular Spell Books). As of now, skills require either bundles of either 4 or 15 Restricted Section Books to upgrade.

Restricted Books
An example of a Professor skill requiring 4 books per skill level
15 cost Restricted Section Books
And an example of a skill requiring 15 books to fully upgrade

Things to Keep in Mind

With how important Restricted Section Books are for some of the powerful Auror, Magizoologist, and Professor skills, it may be worth considering them when making your choice of Profession. If you feel that you might not be able to regularly devote time to the game during Brilliant Events, choosing the Professor class may be more restrictive than you expect. Professors require 223 Restricted Section Books total to max out the relevant skills, Aurors and Magizoologists require 115 each. So consider selecting the Magizoologist or Auror Professions if not being able to complete Events (which may require some grinding) is a potential concern.

To sum it up: Restricted Section Books might sound off-limits, but earning them from Brilliant Events will let you power up your skills even more. Also, if you're worried about not being able to play Events regularly, consider choosing the Magizoologist or Auror Professions!

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